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Carmella Must Win The WWE MITB Match Tuesday Night

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Note to WWE – please don’t screw this up.

After a controversial Money in the Bank women’s ladder match that has led to another ladder match this Tuesday night on SmackDown Live, the only right move is for Carmella to once again grab the white briefcase.

The decision by commissioner Daniel Bryan to reset the historic match between Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Tamina, Becky Lynch and Natalya will become the highlight of the night. It could also become a night mare for WWE if the company decides to declare someone else the winner.

“The televised rematch not only presents a rare opportunity for the company to make history for a second time with the same collection of superstars, but it also provides Carmella the chance to legitimize herself without the dark cloud of Ellsworth’s interference hanging over the contest,” writes Erik Beaston of Bleacher Report. Legitimacy is crucial in this angle. If the “New Era” is to feature new champions, women who will face current champion Naomi, then Carmella must go over clean.

At some point in the match, Ellsworth must be summoned to the back.

WWE did the right thing by giving Seth Rollins his own platform. The Authority angle was perfect for his singles run to start, but in order for the former Shield member to prove he was a solid champion, he had to prove himself to the company and WWE fans.

Carmella may be in the same situation. After being paired with Enzo and Cass in NXT, the New York beauty has looked strong after her call up to the main roster, but the recent pairing with Ellsworth must soon disintegrate. In the end, the only way Carmella not winning this WWE rematch is if Ellsworth costs her the briefcase or Ellsworth helps some other women win Tuesday night.

Carmella has a look (you knew I would say that), the ability to deliver a solid promo and is growing as a performer in the ring. Charlotte, et al, will help put her over as the next “big thing” much like Lynch helped usher in the Alexa Bliss era before her move to Monday nights.

“Given the manner in which the controversy and rectification have gone down, having Carmella scale the ladder and retrieve the briefcase that was stripped away from her is the only adequate booking decision facing WWE Creative,” Beaston adds.

No one has gotten more heat from the fans than Carmella of late. That’s how it should be. While WWE has worked to re-evaluate its women’s division on Tuesday nights, which has left me angered over the shift in direction, pushing Carmella as the top heel makes sense.

It makes even more sense for her to win again Tuesday night and rightfully claim the white briefcase once again.

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