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Tech: STRIVR Labs’ Virtual Reality Headset Could Be Sports Game Changer

Virtual reality training for football players has arrived. STRIVR Labs Inc., a Silicon Valley-based virtual reality (VR) technology company, has developed patent-pending technology that will allow players to get real game experience without being near the field. Developed and tested during the 2014 football season at Stanford University, the technology has received incredible buzz and already counts the Dallas Cowboys and several major college programs among the early adopters. Football
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Money: What Does Nike’s New Deal Mean For NBA fans?

It was announced that Nike and the National Basketball Association have come to an agreement on a new licensed apparel deal that will make Nike the official company of the NBA for the next eight seasons. Reports put the price tag of the deal at $125 million per year beginning in 2017-18 when the league’s current deal with Adidas expires. While on the surface it may seem as though this
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Thanks To Hollywood App, Kim Kardashian’s Empire Growing

While many question her on-camera and personal life choices, there is no doubting that Kim Kardashian is a bonafide and shrewd businesswoman. Whether it is from her stake in the successful DASH stores in Los Angeles and Miami, her ventures in accessories in ShoeDazzle and of course the wildly popular reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardshaians on E!, whether we like her not, we are addicted to the diminutive—and
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Money: Don’t Let Student Loans Ruin Your Life

According to the Department of Education, more than 7 million students in the U.S. defaulted on their college loans during the end of the fourth quarter of 2015 which is certainly not surprising at all. The average amount of loan default has exceeded $15,000. According to a report by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau late last year, there was a 38% increase in complaints from students who took out private loans
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Business: Marvel/Disney Holding Nothing Back In Avengers Merchandising

You must give Disney credit for one thing, they know how to make money, and when it comes to their Marvel films the company holds nothing back. The release for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron will be no different, as Disney/Marvel will be launching a full-scale assault on consumers wallets. Disney's plan for Avengers 2 is "Make the Big Bigger." That's what Disney Consumer Products senior VP of Marvel, Paul
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Startups and Websites: A Tale Of Not-So-Different Ends

It sounds a little insane right? Since when did websites become synonymous with needs of a new business? I wont lie to you all: the connection became inscrutable until a few years ago that is when the digital marketing industry boomed as it did. If we started ranking services on basis of commoditization then you can probably rate the web development industry as the highest populated and yet one of
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Money: Guardian Of The Galaxy’s Chris Pratt Surprises As One Of Forbes’ Top Stars Of 2014

Forbes Magazine released its annual list of highest-grossing celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence was No.1 What is surprising is who came in second, Chris Pratt. Before this year Chris Pratt was only known for a few select roles. He was a mainstay on the under-appreciated NBC series Parks and Recreation, and played Scott Hatterberg in the baseball drama Moneyball. However, when it comes to 2014, Pratt had his share of success. He
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Money: Student Loan Myths — Revealed

Are you entangled in student loan that is drowning you? Are you struggling to pay it off and getting frustrated about the fact? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are buried in student loan debt with recent data suggesting that an ever increasing 70% of college grads in 2014 have student loans which is almost 50% greater 20 years ago. The average amount of debt for undergraduates is
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Tech: Apple Isn’t Shutting Down Beats Music, Says Spokesperson

Apple has gone on the offensive after a report suggested the company is shutting down Beats Music. Now it has turned into a spat. The news comes as a surprise to many in the music world, especially when Apple just paid 3 billion dollars for the music juggernaut. However, Apple has called out Techcruch saying the report is false. "It's not true," Apple Spokesman Tom Neumayr told USA Today. Earlier