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Current Facts and Guidelines About Wearing Face Masks According to Experts

Personnel in hospitals have worn masks to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases even before the Coronavirus’ onset. Wearing a facemask is crucial to stop the spread of COVID and other infections and reduce an individual’s chances of catching airborne infectious germs. When a person opens their mouth when coughing or talking, germs are released in the air that can infect people around them. Wearing a facemask is a
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NFL COVID: Fan Experience Gameday Guide And Review

As we continue to adjust to what appears to be the normal for the foreseeable future; the NFL Gameday experience is definitely different than what we’re used too. With the entering of stadium property you typically see people tailgating. Sometimes people will start tailgating as soon as five hours before kickoff depending on when the team establishes to open the Parking lot. With COVID protocol you miss all of the
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Wellness: 5 (Healthy) Ways to De-Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Living through a global pandemic is strange, scary, and stressful. It's crucial that we don't neglect our mental health during times like these. Too much stress can lead to chronic health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Take care of yourself with these five healthy ways to de-stress. 1. Exercise and stretch. via GIPHY Our physical and mental health are closely linked, and just about every mental health
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Business: Office Refurbishment Ideas To Maximize Social Distancing

As employees begin to filter back into the office, companies have an obligation to create Covid-secure social distanced workspaces. The post-pandemic period is expecting to see a flurry of activity in revitalizing office space. Office refurbishments represent an opportunity for companies to create a work environment where employees feel safe, enjoy spending their time in and improving productivity. Companies are choosing to refurbish their existing office rather than relocate. Office refits make planning,
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Safety Tips and Things to do to Deter COVID-19 Infections

The Covid-19 infections are rising at a rapid rate. The virus was discovered in December-January but it has been found to be fast-spreading, with millions affected around the world. Anyone could be infected and not everyone shows symptoms. The virus can be transmitted via infected droplets that can stay on surfaces. So, what should the first line of defence be? The answer to deter COVID-19 Infections is quite simple –
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Reasons Why Face Mask is so Famous in Europe

Everyone knows that at the end of 2019 the world has been facing a bolt from the blue in the form of corona virus pandemic. It originated from China and then spread to Europe. Now it has spread to almost every continent of the world. After affecting China, it started to affect Europe. To save themselves from this fatal pandemic people of Europe started to use a face mask. This
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COVID-19: Tips to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home can offer several attractive perks including no commuting, greater flexibility over your work schedule, and lower costs. That being said, working at home also has its challenges and you must make your health and wellbeing a key priority. This will help to ensure that you are healthy, happy, and productive while working remotely. On that note, here are some useful tips to stay healthy while working from
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You need to partner with a digital marketing agency to reopen your business post COVID, we tell you why

All the businesses that struggled during the Covid-19 crisis need to figure out what to do now. They can partner with some helpful agencies, such as a digital marketing agency, and they can learn a lot from them. A business can figure things out better than ever with the agency's help and have a lot of success because of it, even after struggling through the crisis. Be Better On Social
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Five Post-Covid Trends and Gold

The disruptions caused by the pandemic of Covid-19 forced people, companies, governments, and organizations to challenge their basic assumptions about their ways of life and conduct. Some of them might be trivial such as more frequent and thorough hand-washing, but others are much more important, amongst them putting more emphasis on health that came suddenly under threat and social relationships that were so missing during the quarantine. So, the key
Social Distancing as a Senior Citizen
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The Importance of Social Distancing as a Senior Citizen

Our way of living has dramatically changed over the last several months. No longer are we able to greet people with a handshake or hug. Instead, now the responsible thing to do is stand six feet apart and wear a mask. The spread of COVID-19 is not an easy pill to swallow, but it's vital to understand the effect it can have on your health. Unfortunately, as a senior citizen,