Social Distancing as a Senior Citizen
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The Importance of Social Distancing as a Senior Citizen

Our way of living has dramatically changed over the last several months. No longer are we able to greet people with a handshake or hug. Instead, now the responsible thing to do is stand six feet apart and wear a mask. The spread of COVID-19 is not an easy pill to swallow, but it's vital to understand the effect it can have on your health. Unfortunately, as a senior citizen,
Pastor Mike Signorelli
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Pastor Mike Signorelli on the Importance of Solidarity Amidst the Pandemic

While the world faces an unprecedented health-crisis, it falls upon the shoulders of leaders to guide people down the right path. Though it has always been vital for people to stand united, it is especially crucial at this juncture. From empathy, cooperation, and care, to brotherhood, mutual-support and solidarity, these are the attributes that will help the world conquer COVID-19 Time and again, amid pandemics, natural calamities, terror attacks, or
Tech entrepreneur Chris Hughes
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Tech entrepreneur Chris Hughes: “MintWP helped several e-commerce websites deal with massive traffic influx amidst COVID-19”

The COVID-19 virus has been tough on businesses, especially those who operate out of brick and mortar locations. During this time, many have worked to migrate online to take takeout orders, sell their merchandise to customers remotely, and stay relevant to their customer base. Chris Hughes, the founder MintWP and RedLettuce, has helped these businesses create an online presence, cope with traffic, and sustain through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Starting
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COVID-19: 5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing Efforts In Forced Isolation

It is no surprise that due to COVID-19 pandemic, the world is not feeling normal with overwhelm and panic among certain communities. Everyday new tensions are growing as the number of Coronavirus cases are growing in the most prominent people holding key positions. Since many caring professionals are constantly encouraging people to stay home and ensure that their loved ones remain safe from the Coronavirus threat, the forced isolation is
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COVID-19: How The Coronavirus Will Change The Football Experience For Players

The year 2020 is legitimately one of the darkest years that this generation has had to face to date. The Coronavirus pandemic has left no tables unturned in creating havoc all over the world. Everyone is scared and hoping for this nightmare-like situation to pass. These days are tough, indeed, but there is more to come. A new world order might be announced and established any time now, which means
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Back to Work? Make Your Workers Feel Safe Again

The coronavirus pandemic, together with mandatory lockdowns has ravaged world economies. As more and countries ease the lockdown and allow companies to resume operations, workers feel anxious returning to work. The main reason for concern is workplace safety in the era of COVID-19. The question that lingers on every employee’s lips is whether they are safe at work from the virus. For management, making workers feel safe again should be
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Why Local SEO Should Be Front And Center Of Your COVID-19 Business Recovery Strategy

The COVID-19 crisis took a lot out of many businesses, and as they try to get back to where they once were, they need to have a strategy that works for them. Many business are more determined than ever to find success, and they can use local SEO to get it. This marketing tool is one that will make a big impact on the business because it helps attract the
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COVID-19: Five Best Online Games That Will Keep You Busy During Lockdown!

During the quarantine, if you have been thinking of a way to connect with your friends in a unique way besides social media, playing online games together would be the best option. If you are a solo player who wants to win trophies and make a name on the gaming network, this is for you too. There are probably about a hundred online games out there. However, we have brought
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How to Budget in an Economic Downturn

The quarantine caused by the coronavirus has set up a murky economic future, to say the least. Regardless of your particular situation, the current crisis requires everyone to budget their finances and prepare for the turbulent financial period of time ahead.  If you’re wondering how you can trim up your budget (or if you don’t even have a budget in the first place), here are some monetary considerations to keep
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Coronavirus: Soccer And COVID-19

Games and sports are part of life. These are equally important for living a sound and healthy life. Outdoor and indoor games and sports keep your mental and physical health fine. But by time, multiple factors affect the entire livings. Such as climatic conditions, disasters, unavoidable problems, etc. some viral diseases be a cause of the stoppage of all the fields of life, including sports and games. to spend a