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2016 NBA Finals: LeBron James Keeps His Promise In Ending Cleveland’s Title Drought

By: Rob Botts LeBron James did exactly what he said he was going to do upon his second life in a Cleveland Cavalier uniform. That was bring a title to his starving city. It had been 5 decades if you hadn't heard. Mr. James was outstanding in this series and was most deserving of the series MVP, but he had somebody riding shotgun who almost wrestled that title from him.
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2016 NBA Finals: The Collapse Of Stephen Curry

How do you cap off a two-year run of back-to-back MVP seasons, 700+ three-pointers, two straight NBA Finals appearances and 150+ wins? Easy, you choke. The debate for the last two years was has Stephen Curry leapfrogged LeBron James as the best player in the NBA? Last season he proved that he should be mentioned in the same sentence, I for one was never sold on his sudden rise to
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Angelo State University: Thanks To Stability, The Future Of Rams Baseball Is Very Bright

"People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Rogers Hornsby When it comes to Angelo State baseball, the feeling is mutual every year. At least for the fans anyway. They go to the games, wave their towels, chant: “ASU! ASU! ASU!” and cheer the groups of young men/old boys that Head
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Orlando Shootings: Roger Jimenez And Other Pastors Applauding The Killings Are Frauds

We live in a world that is so complex and divided. Where opinions are universal and universally different. Especially in the United States where freedom of speech has been a most cherished philosophy since the country’s inception in 1776. However, not every opinion is reasonable. Or positive. Or compassionate. Or possessing even an ounce of humanity. They have that right because that’s their opinion, but where criticism needs to be
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LGBT: Orlando Shooting Brings About Many Difficult Conversations Over Homophobia

By Burk Ohbayashi In the wake of the Orlando tragedy I have found myself in some difficult conversations. I am a native of Orlando, one of the victims was a graduate of my high school and many of my friends were directly or indirectly affected by the tragedy. Everyone in my hometown is reeling with the emotions of having something so horrible happen so close. I have given them my
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Living: Is The Food Economy Upwardly Mobile?

By Shawn Stevenson The latest transition phase of the food economy from industrial to sustainable shows how the food consumption trends are evolving globally. This new food economy works through an economic framework which focuses on the health and safety of the planet and its people. This system generally views the structure of food market as a whole; where the industry is built to function in a way that it
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Tech: How Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

By Jessica Oaks Getting there is half the fun, right? These days, maybe. From bone-jarring stage coach rides to the ear splitting air travel of the 1960s, traveling has historically been something we endured in order to get to our destinations. Now it's something we do regularly and in moderate comfort even when first class tickets aren't an option. That's not all that has changed – and is still changing
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Opinion: NHL and NFL Wise To Bet On Las Vegas

One day after the Associated Press first reported that the NHL decided to award Las Vegas with an NHL expansion team, things in Sin City are only beginning to heat up. Long associated with gambling and various adult pleasures, the so-called “Entertainment Capital of The World” is on the verge of becoming the newest player at the proverbial sports blackjack table. In being awarded a team, which would begin play
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2016 NBA Finals: The King and His Prince Leading Cavs’ Charge

By: Jeffrey Newholm Americans have always seemed obsessed with the idea of a hero, a white knight who rides in to save the day. Politicians, religious icons and athletes are oftentimes expected to save the day for the ordinary, unwashed masses. It’s only fitting, then, that the hero that was supposed to save the benighted Cleveland Cavilers from 48 years of mediocrity was a black knight-Lebron James, or just “The
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Smart Apps: Saving Grace or Minions of the Devil?

By Andrea Bell There is absolutely no doubt that apps are the future, but the question arises when one considers the dark side of it. There aren’t many posts on the internet that highlight the negative point of view of smart apps compared to those who brag about them. We cannot deny the fact that our lives have evolved with the new generation of technology. However, at what cost? How