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Interviews: One-on-One With H&M Plus Size Model, Jennie Runk

Thanks to the likes of plus-size models such as Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley and Iskra Lawrence, women with curves has become the new “hot” in the modeling world. In a world that has infamously been about petite and super-thin muses being plastered on the cover of both men’s and women’s magazines. Perhaps this is due to the changing demographics and cultural shift towards more full-size women who seem more realistic
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Revenge Of The Nerds! New Browns Front Office Gets Last Laugh Over Naysayers

With the 2016 NFL Draft officially in the books, the much-maligned and mocked analytics-driven Cleveland Browns front office may have gotten the last laugh over critics. If you’re old enough to remember the 1980’s, surely you remember the classic 1984 classic comedy Revenge of the Nerds, which was about a group of nerds who overcame the harassment of the jock fraternity Alpha Betas. In the current sense those who are
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Music: “Views” Album Review

Drake is the king of the new school movement.  His style has spawned many "sound-a-likes" and "copy-cats."  His recent "beef" with Meek Mill, established Drake as not only a song-writer but also as an MC who can "get up in someone" if he needs to.  Drake's confidence is at an all time high and it should be.  Every song he releases on line is all the hip hop world buzzes
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Style: Watch Out For These Hot Fashion Trends This Summer!

Who doesn't love to fuse present trends into their own style! With summer right around the corner, style changes each time and consistently. The hottest and latest street styles are not only for rappers, skaters, and runway models any more. Notwithstanding your way of life, you can make easygoing looks with state of mind that join sportswear, youth subculture, and extravagant style. The right choice of jeans, tops, and shoes
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Dating and Relationships: 11 Amazing Tips On How To Impress A Girl You Love

By Harshith Joseph Impressing people by simple tricks is easy. Crack a few jokes, share a couple of stories and people go ‘wow’! But this doesn’t last very long. To make a bigger and long lasting impression on someone (especially a girl you’ve been eyeing) takes time and A LOT of efforts. There is not one but many tips that you need to follow to even get her to notice
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Beauty: Best Makeup Tips For Wedding Season

By Jessica Oaks Wedding season is almost here and that means brides-to-be everywhere are starting to think about more than just the perfect dress, but also the perfect makeup. Every bride wants to look her best on the big day, and neither bridesmaids nor wedding guests are exempt from the desire to feel beautiful. Whether you're doing your own makeup or working with a stylist, these tips can help you
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2016 NFL Draft: Look Out For Quarterback Reaching

Five years ago, the NFL had arguably the greatest draft in NFL history. No seriously. The greatest draft is easily 1964 looking back where there were 10 Hall of Fame players selected including names like Roger Staubach, Bob Hayes, Paul Krause, Charley Taylor, Carl Eller etc. There was even a player who ended up becoming a Hall of Fame coach named Bill Parcells. The 2011 NFL Draft is far from