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The Celtics Are in Great Shape, But This Offseason Can Change Everything

This offseason will be the most pivotal one since 2007 when the Big 3 was formed. They have a chance to continue with this particular squad and solidify a star or try to improve gradually with mid level free agents and one big trade. The future of the franchise can be shifted by what happens leading up to the 2016-17 NBA season. The Celtics will still have the most NBA
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Batman vs. Superman: What fans are missing with the “Martha” scene

BEWARE! A lot of spoilers follow so don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie. Nothing is more annoying for a writer, a painter, a director or any kind of creator than when their work is misunderstood and then ridiculed. It’s one thing to make a bad piece of art, have it ripped and shredded to pieces, but at least the artist can learn from the failure. What can an
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Entertainment: Why DC should add Poison Ivy to the stand-alone Harley Quinn movie

DC has announced that there will be a Harley Quinn stand-alone movie made in the future. and after the initial excitement of seeing the kookiest comic book character get her own movie, the questions started to arise…like, “How are they going to pull that off?” Because the truth is Harley Quinn is not an easy character to make a movie on. She’s mostly comic relief, add a dash of sex
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DC Studios: Three Takes From ‘Harley Quinn’ Stand-Alone Movie Announcement

DC’s “Suicide Squad” hasn’t even reached theaters and they are already planning sequels. DC has already announced that there will be a “Suicide Squad 2” and now the latest announcement is there is a Harley Quinn stand-alone movie in development. The former psychiatrist now poster girl for the “Hot and Crazy” archetype is getting her own movie with Margot Robbie continuing to reprise the character. However, there is more to

2016 NBA Draft: Furkan Korkmaz, The International Prospect Nobody is Talking About

Many are obsessing over the potential of Dragen Bender. However, there is another 2016 NBA Draft prospect of international fame that deserves our attention. Furkan Korkmaz isn't going to be a top-five pick like Bender, but he could be every bit as good. The Turkish superstar is one of the Draft's best sleeper prospects. Standing at 6'7, Korkmaz is listed as a shooting guard. That's an ideal height for an
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Movies: Sing Street Hits All The Right Notes

After all is said and done, Sing Street may become one of 2016's best films. The picture revolves around a young teenage boy named Cosmo (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), who forms a rock band with a group of misunderstood teens to impress a mysterious girl named Raphina (Lucy Boynton). Cosmo turns to music to not only impress Raphina, but also as way to cope with his parent’s martial issues, and the agony
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Style: What To Wear At The Casino To Always Look Like A High Roller!

By Connor Christopher Vegas casinos – the promised land for gamblers the world over. Even if you’ve never played a game of poker in your life you’d probably still jump at the chance to head to Sin City and lay some money on the table. But not so fast! There are some serious players in Vegas and knowing your blackjack from your baccarat is only half the battle. When you’re
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Boxing: Week in Review

Let’s face it, people are busy, so everyone doesn’t always have time to be locked into every boxing story. There are numerous topics that both hardcore and casual fans, cannot keep up with. With all the things that have gone on in the past week, I’m here to help you catch up with all the big topics surrounding the sport of boxing. This week was filled packed with everything from
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Style: Plus Sizes Are In this Year! Hit The Beach With Swagger!

By Mike John After many years of following the size 6 norm, the fashion industry is finally beginning to embrace the world of plus sized fashion. Most department stores are slow to embrace the growing love for plus size divas, so the best place to turn for trendy, well-fitting clothing is the internet. Shopping for your favorite high waist bikinis or slimming one piece swimsuit is easier than ever before.