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New York Rangers: What Lies Ahead For Cam Talbot?

The New York Rangers are in prime position to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals for a second consecutive year. A lot of their success can be credited to Cam Talbot, who has filled in admirably for the injured Henrik Lundqvist. However, with King Henrik set to return to action the question of what to do with Talbot has become a hot topic amongst the NHL faithful. Since the injury
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Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens Leading C’s Remarkable Season

The Boston Celtics might make the NBA Playoffs. It's certainly hard to believe considering the team was left for dead by every analyst not named Bill Simmons. After trading away Rajon Rondo and losing Jared Sullinger, the team was supposed to wither away and die, but that hasn't been the case. Brad Stevens might be the main factor in the Celtics success. The second-year coach has had a monumental effect
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2015 MLB Preseason Predictions: SI Picks Indians To Win World Series

The Cleveland Indians have been picked by Sports Illustrated to win the World Series Yes, you are reading that correct, in a world where the national media almost never shines on Cleveland, the largest sports publication in the world has picked the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series. This may not be as far-fetched as it may seem at first glance. The Indians did finish third in the American
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ICYMI: Lesnar Re-signs with WWE, Retires From MMA

After a yearlong speculation that Brock Lesnar would leave WWE and return to the UFC, he shocked many Tuesday afternoon when he announced live on ESPN that he would stay retired from MMA and that he had resigned a contract with the WWE. He admitted that the grueling tone it took on his body was too much to return too and that at his age with his family life in
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Entertainment: Fox Believes The Truth Is STILL Out There, Officially “Re-opens” The X-Files

In recent months, the classic Fox series The X-Files has been rumored to be returning after a long hiatus. This had many fans thinking, "I want to believe". Well, now they can truly believe it, because today Fox has confirmed that The X-Files are indeed returning to television. This may sound like good enough news, but it gets even better. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be returning to their
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Wrestlemania 31 Preview and Predictions: Is It The Biggest Card Of The Year?

The biggest event of the year in sports entertainment is coming to San Francisco’s Levi Stadium this Sunday night. While Wrestlemania 31 may not be the card we all wanted, it still shapes up to be an exciting night packed with action and surprises. There will be eight matches with all kinds of twists, turns and mind blowing moves. Here is how it will shape up and my predictions on
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2015 NCAA Tournament: Kentucky, Duke, Arizona and Oklahoma Favorites To Reach Final Four

With only 16 teams remaining after a wild first weekend of action, it truly appears to be anyone’s tournament to take. There are four teams that are standing out in this reporters mind and will shape up the Final Four nicely. Kentucky. The obvious choice. They soundly defeated both Hampton and Cincinnati to reach the Sweet 16. West Virginia will press them hard to try and force turnovers but Kentucky
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Entertainment: Jennifer Lawrence Done With Mystique After Apocalypse

The X-Men series is losing its Mystique...well, at least the actress who currently portrays the character of Mystique. Jennifer Lawrence, who has played the role of Raven Darkholme/Mystique since 2011's X-Men: First Class, will not be appearing in the role again after her upcoming portrayal of the character in next year's X-Men: Apocalypse. When Josh Horowitz from MTV News caught up with Lawrence on the red carpet at the premiere
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Fred VanVleet vs. Jerian Grant: Why The Shockers-Irish Sweet Sixteen Matchup Should Not Be Missed

The most intriguing Sweet 16 matchup might be Wichita State vs. Notre Dame. It's a matchup of Fred VanVleet and Jerian Grant that has alot of college basketball fans salivating, as the two are considered by many as the best point guards in the country. First, you have VanVleet, who isn't the scorer that Grant is, however there might not be a more well-rounded guard in the NCAA. So far
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On The Rise: Mission Impossible’s Rebecca Ferguson Ready To Go Rogue

Amidst the glory of March Madness, movie fans were treated to a nice surprise, as the word laid witness to the first trailer for Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation. The film, which stars Tom Cruise, is the fifth in the franchise, and is the follow-up to the 2011 blockbuster Ghost Protocol. While we will get a heavy dose of Cruise in the film, be on the lookout for up-and-coming actress