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Party Moms: It’s Time to Grow Up!

Party moms; we all know one. You know, the mom that forgets she's a mom. The one who unlike most, didn't change her priorities when she entered motherhood. The mom who plasters social media with pictures of her partying with her friends. Will she ever grow up? Sometimes, these party moms are also the ones encouraging and contributing to underage drinking, especially if her "squad" consists of teenagers. These behaviors
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La Femme: Gold Diggers Mansplained!

Allow me to tell the story about how I once had the origins of gold-digging explained to me in evolutionary terms. One afternoon back in college, after a long day of lectures, I was enjoying lunch on campus with a fellow classmate. We’ll call him “John.” John was articulating his frustration with dating in general, between bites of ham and cheese, and complained that women “only wanted him for his
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Title IX: Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

Due to the current state of things in the U.S., it can be understandably easy as feminist to feel discouraged about social progress. Things look dire-we have old, rich dudes legislating our reproductive rights and access to healthcare, we have attitudes of division, discrimination, and exclusion both within and without our great country, and things just seem, well, bleak. In the interest of keeping that fire that burns within the
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Unforgettable: It’s Time For Katherine Heigl To Channel Her Inner Bitch

[embed][/embed] Blacklisted. Reviled by fans, directors and co-stars alike and just generally hated by fans. There is no –pardon the pun—gray area when it comes to Katherine Heigl. Katherine Heigl, forever known to Grey’s Anatomy fans as Dr. Izzy Stevens has been one of the most polarizing figures in Hollywood for the better part of a decade. [Rob] Whether it is due to clashing and bad-mouthing co-stars, show producers and
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2017 will be the Year of Feminism

If you're interested in writing for a website that is slowly becoming one of the better in lifestyles, then you may want to pay attention to what I am about to say. The Inscriber Digital Magazine began operating a few years ago and we are expanding into covering many areas. Such areas that the Inscriber Magazine covers includes sports, politics, entertainment, or whatever the dedicated writers want to cover. There
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Politics: Electoral College Voting Hillary In Would Start A Second Civil War

The 2016 election is probably going to go down in history as the most controversial, polarized, and bitter election that has happened in our country's near 250 year history. Donald Trump, a man who said on tape, "Grab 'em by the *****." won over the first major female candidate Hillary Clinton (arguably the most corrupt too) despite earning fewer popular votes. He also won despite many bigoted statements (twisted or not twisted)
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Donald Trump: America’s Repudiation of Feminism

Twitter has never been very friendly to the women's sports world. Every time SportsCenter or ESPN throws the WNBA a bone, the trolls come out in force to the tune of "not a sport" or "stay in the kitchen." Female reporters such as Sarah Spain face daily ridicule and harassment from all sorts of shady characters and virtually anonymous cowards. But on the morning of November 9th, Twitter was all
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Brock Turner to be released early

There is an enormous double standard in out country today as there is no consistency when it comes to punishing people who break the law. Reports are going around that former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner is being released from jail after serving three months of his six-month sentence for raping a college age woman for good behavior. He was convicted back on June 2, 2016, to serve six months of
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2016 Olympics: NBC now sexist?

After weeks of controversy surrounding the prep for the 2016 Olympics, it finally got started last night. The opening ceremonies featured all kinds of fireworks, world-class athletes in every direction and a tape delay broadcast. You would have thought after having issues with the prep for the event, why would they continue to cause problems, For some reason, NBC decided to telecast Friday night's opening ceremony at 8 pm est,
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Opinion: How To Use The C-Word Without Being One Yourself

(Editor’s Note: This post may contain language some consider to be inappropriate or uncomfortable.) Ahhh, the widely-used profanity word that is the c-word cunt! Yup, that’s right I said it, cunt! In the past few years, “cunt” has evolved from a sexist insult used to describe a woman in a negative manner into an undefined word used loosely in everyday situations. What was once the go-to insult against women, is