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Planned Parenthood Shooting: Will The Senseless Violence End?

From the hotel attack in Mali Hotel terror attack that killed three people while injuring 20 to the Planned Parenthood attack that killed three in Colorado Springs Colorado. From the extreme Paris, Lebanon and Nigeria terrorist attacks in recent weeks to something as simple as Black Friday shoppers fighting each other physically for an item of interest, the violence of our country continues to escalate. Most of the time with
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Business: Careers Relating To The Lapel Pins Industry

Commemorative and lapel pins are crafted with precision and care by experienced jewelry designers. The same effort and detailing goes into lapel pin making just as in the process of creating a jewelry piece. Exclusive lapel pins are gifted away to individuals, who are recognized for their dedicated service or unparalleled achievements. The mission of the service awards industry is to aid organizations in creating a culture of recognizing and
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LGBT: I Am Bisexual, Not Confused

(Editor’s Note: This column may contain graphic or sensitive subject matter.) In 2015, gay marriage was nationally legalized, the military adjusted their Equal Opportunity Policy now allowing homosexuals to enlist without discrimination, and Kim Kardashian’s dad (dad? Other mom? LOL) bought him/herself a shiny new vagina. So why is it still taboo to be bisexual in a country that accepts sex change operations and gay soldiers? In this article, I
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Wrestling: The Sexiest WWE Divas Ever

It is impossible to watch sexy divas wrestling each other in the ring and not get an immediate celebrity crush. Anyone who used to or still watches WWE, definitely loves the smoking hot female wrestlers who adorn their TV screens and make wrestling even more fun and entertaining. WWE defines ad promotes its female wrestlers as sexy, powerful, and smart and calls them divas. Whether all of these divas are
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Lifestyle: Four Bathroom Additions You Need To Try

Thirty years ago, the bathroom was just a showering space to many homeowners. Over the years, so much has changed with many people developing emotional attachment to their washrooms. Warming up your bathroom does not have to be an expensive venture. Neither does it require a genius’ brain. All you need is a little more creativity coupled with a few additions.  Evoke a sense of peace in these private rooms
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Lifestyle: Four Unforgettable Seasonal Hikes To Take In 2016

Now is the perfect time to start planning your next hiking trip. But why stop with just one? The United States offers a nearly endless supply of soaring vistas, tree-lined trails and challenging climbs. And with four distinct seasons, why not aim to take one hike during each? You'll get a new set of challenges in every trip. Think as far ahead as you can. Not only will that ensure
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The Spectator: Has Eric Schneiderman Crossed A Fine Line?

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman shocked the daily fantasy sports industry last week, hitting its two biggest operators with cease-and-desist letters demanding they immediately stop taking wagers from New York residents and deeming their businesses to be illegal gambling operations under state law. With Schneiderman's bold move made, it has forced DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. into the proverbial corner where they are now fighting to defend the legality of
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Travel: The Best Honeymoon Places in San Francisco

Congratulations on tying the knot and having that special someone by your side. Now, the next step is where to spend the honeymoon! Why not have your own summer of love in San Francisco! For those who appreciate a special night of sentimental suppers and moving in faint lights and music, may enjoy the city's super-stylish nightlife area. Couples can escape the city by taking a BART (Bay Area Rapid
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Lifestyle: Learn Music Production In Mumbai

Does conventional academic learning bore you? Are you interested in learning music? Music colleges and institutions impart music education to aspiring students., one of the leading  music institutions in Mumbai offers computerized courses to its students. In this article, we will learn how to select a music school and what the most favored course is in current times. Selecting an Institute Offering Music Production Courses in Mumbai You can
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Living: Car Financing Options For The Car Of Your Dreams

Buying a new car is a huge investment and most of the time it is difficult for the average person to raise the full amount to buy the vehicle in cash. However, there are a couple of options for getting financing that you can choose from including: Taking out a personal loan Personal loans are one of the simplest ways to get financing to buy a car. The great thing