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Sex: Premature Ejaculation Is Not the End of the World

By Shawn Clark Premature ejaculation troubles hundreds of millions of men around the world. In fact, it is considered to be the most common sexual dysfunction in men, affecting almost 1 in 3 men. According to The Journal of Urology, premature ejaculation has prevalence rates of 20-30 percent. While almost every grown man knows that erectile dysfunction can be treated using Viagra, the treatment for premature ejaculation doesn’t get the
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Men: How To Get Ripped Without Overexerting Yourself

By Shawn Stevenson In recent times, people are very conscious about their physique. There are lots of people, who are trying to get the well-toned body, but only a few have been able to obtain it and the rest just fizzle. What’s the reason behind this? This is the most common question which arises. Most of the people would answer this by saying that maintaining a ripped body is a
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Men: What You Should Look for in Top Male Enhancement Pills?

By Shawn Clark As you’re getting older, your testosterone levels decline thus causing a wide array of effects in your body, including impaired sexual health. However, men don’t tend to talk about their sexual health and problems with performance. According to experts, most men don’t even seek professional help regarding sexual health. That’s why supplements formulated to improve your performance, libido, and sex health are widely popular. Nowadays, there are