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Travel Money Group: The US Government is back open for business, baby!

Last Friday, 25th of January, the historic 35-day partial government shutdown ended, or was momentarily put on hold, because the US government realised people needed to get paid. This shutdown was the longest in US history and saw over 800,000 federal employees forced to work without pay or get furloughed. 35 days without pay is a pretty rough stint for the best of us, let alone those who live paycheck
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Travel Money Group: What’s the what in currency markets this week

As the dust settles on the long weekend and Aussies look towards a four day week (yay), the AUD is performing relatively well against major currencies compared to the last few days. As it stands, one Aussie dollar can buy you: 0.6969 US dollars 74.95 Japanese yen 0.6012 euros 0.5236 Great British pound 0.8931 Canadian dollars 1.013 New Zealand dollars If you were exchanging $2000 AUD today compared to Saturday
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BREAKING: Packers Tab Titans OC Matt LaFleur As New HC

GREEN BAY -- Perhaps the most storied head coaching job in all of NFL football got filled on Monday, as former Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator, Matt LaFleur was named the new coach of the Green Bay Packers. According to reporter, Ian Rappaport, the Packers have agreed to name LaFleur as their franchise's 16th Head coach since being founded in 1919. LaFleur, 39, has coached the likes of Matt Ryan
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Assignment Help – How to Choose a Expert for Better Writing

Argumentations, and tasks - these become part of the lives of every student and obtaining grades in these projects is vital for success in their programs. As well as obtaining great qualities is crucial for building a good CV. These are days of intense competition almost everywhere, and also schools and also colleges are no exemption. So, whether a student likes or not, he has no other choice but to
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A Rebuttal to Pryad Murad’s Defense of Judge Aaron Persky

Earlier today I came across an opinion piece by Pryad Murad a public defender. She attempted to defend judge Aaron Persky who recently got recalled. Persky is the judge who put himself in the national spotlight for his lenient sentence of Brock Turner. For me it was difficult to read the entire argument, yet I did. Pryad argues that "I do not see this as a victory for justice. As

Is A Consentaneous Judgment Required? Not Constantly

Just recently, a public protector in Louisiana has actually attempted suggesting that the legislation is racist, as well as, because of this, unconstitutional. He brought his debate prior to an Area Court court that differed, stating that the general public protector had actually cannot develop a prejudiced objective of the regulations as it associates with the non-unanimous judgment policy. The court stated the general public protector has to advance concrete
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Federal Trade Commission Sues To Block FanDuel and DraftKings Merger

The Federal Trade Commission will challenge the merger of DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc., saying Monday the deal to combine the two largest daily fantasy sports websites would create a company that controls more than 90 percent of the market. The agency, along with the California and District of Columbia attorneys general, will seek an injunction in federal court to block the deal, the FTC said. The five-member FTC is
Tomi Lahren suspended

Tomi Lahren temporarily suspended from the Blaze after making comments on the View

We have seen it happen before. People in the media say something on another network. Next, they end up running into problems with their own company. Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren has had her show temporarily suspended. This came after she made abortion comments on another network. [Jon] While she was making an appearance on ABC's The View, Lahren basically said, “Stay out of my guns, and you can stay

John Glenn, an American Icon passes away at 95

2016 is going down as a memorable year in good and bad ways. Some memorable occurrences that occurred in 2016 were the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, Donald Trump won the election, Cleveland Cavilers won the NBA Finals, and unfortunately there were many celebrities and notable people who passed away. Some of the notable ones included Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Antonin Scalia, Harper Lee, Nancy Regan, Prince, and the
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Final game as San Diego Chargers

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports As the San Diego Chargers prepare to host the Miami Dolphins this coming Sunday afternoon, a much greater cloud continues to form above. That is the form of time running out for the Chargers being in San Diego. This game could very well be the final game as San Diego Chargers as the NFL's December 30th deadline for home teams