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Opinion/Editorial: The Demonization of Muslims in Western Media

The USA has always needed a boogieman, someone or something that will put the general populace in fear so that the American politicians can emerge and show the American government as the savior against the manufactured fear. For over 40 years the boogieman was the USSR and Communism, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union this could no longer be used to keep Americans in fear. A new boogieman
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Anjem Choudary: Islam and the Freedom of Speech

Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion and 1/4th of the world’s population is Muslim. Islam is not just an Arab religion, Arabs are only 8% of the Muslim world’s population but a global religion. There are many mosques being built in the West in a time where churches are experiencing a decline and are being shut down. Being both an American and a Muslim, I can see where there
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Charlie Hebdo: Dealing with Terrorism in the Name of Islam

Once again Islam, the largest religion on Earth, is under scrutiny for being a violent religion that encourages violence towards non-Muslims. The latest example being used against Muslims is the massacre which occurred at Charlie Hebdo, a satire magazine based in Paris which specializes in desecrating things held sacred by others. On January 7, 2015, masked gunmen swarmed into the office of Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people while shouting
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Idris Elba: Is Society Ready For a Black 007?

With reports of Sony executive Amy Pascal stating in a leaked e-mail that she wants Idris Elba as the next 007, the question that needs to be answered is; is society ready for a black James Bond? Ever since its inception—and through out culture’s history—James Bond has always been seen and perceived as a white British agent of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, that has given moviegoers the likes of Sean