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How to Dress for Your Next Engagement Photoshoot Session

Want to look wow at your next engagement party? Well, wear the right clothes. The clothes to wear can make or break your wedding photos. So, choosing your photoshoot attire will play a key role when it comes to the success of your photoshoot session. It’s important to choose your outfits carefully. However, if choosing the right outfits isn’t your thing, don’t worry. This article is going to sample the
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Photo Spotlight: Top 10 Fashion Photography Tips for Beginners

The main purpose of fashion photography is to capture various clothing items. These types of photos are usually ordered by specialized magazines, such as Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair and brands. Many beginning photographers mistakenly believe that this genre is too difficult for them. However, you should not give up the dream. Check out these 10 fashion photography tips that together with patience and a good portfolio will help you make
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5 Vacation Photography Mistakes All the Rookies Make

Summertime is in full swing, which means people are still enjoying their annual summer vacations. After all, 68% of Americans alone plan to embark on a summer getaway just this year. Of course, summer vacays are about more than just swimming, delicious food, and fun adventures. In fact, they’re one of the best ways to enjoy family time and memories in the form of photos. These days, everyone is intent
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Photography: Popular Wedding Photography Trends of 2019!

In modern days we get to see less formal and traditional wedding ceremonies and more informal and eased weddings. Couples main motive is to enjoy their wedding day rather than stress about the details. Keeping that in mind, we have rounded a few of the popular wedding photography trends of 2019. Candid Shots:In earlier days, during the traditional wedding, couples used to be aware of the camera and had to
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Camera Hacks: Make Yourself Creative Effects With Everyday Objects

When we talk about camera hacks, we are referring to the idea of ​​subverting the common use of our cameras, lenses, tripods and photographic accessories to achieve creative effects in the production of images without resorting to products marketed by the photographic industry for this purpose. It's more or less the logic of do it yourself, the famous "do it yourself", in which we put our hand in the mass
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Canada Winter Engagement Photography

When Striking a pose The first sound piece of advice that can come to mind here is that of picking the right location(s), which is so far often easier said than done. The photographer in charge should have a few ideas in mind already, top “hot spots” in Toronto, a major city offering lots of great options, or even in cities like Alberta or those surrounding it. There are plenty
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Amazing Headshots 101: How to Take Great Headshot Photos

Amazing Headshots 101: How to Take Great Headshot Photos Being a photographer requires extensive work, especially since a lot of it has to do with not just having the right equipment but also making sure you have the technical know-how of using your tools with your knowledge of the scene or the subject. For instance, landscape work has different needs when it comes to taking photos of subjects. There are
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Actor Headshots: Benefits & How to Hire a Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

Headshots lay great importance for both corporates and actors. Talking about actor headshots, there are several benefits associated to hiring an expert. Also, in order to get the best actor headshots in Los Angeles, you need to find the right person. Finding the best headshot photographers is easy if you know what you should look out for. Below are some benefits of hiring expert headshot photographers and how to find
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Photo Spotlight: Tips To Taking Amazing Headshot Photos For Your Business Page

A picture says a thousand words and, for the purpose of this article, can say a thousand things about your business. If you're someone who's in need of an amazing headshot photo for your business page, you might be worried you might never get the "best look." Here are some tips to taking amazing headshots for your business page. According to an eMarketer report, as stated in a Forbes article,
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Photo Spotlight: Q and A with British Fitness and Model Photographer, Jody Wright

Looking to see some of the coolest and hottest glamour, fitness and model photographers today? Welcome to Photo Spotlight INSCMagazine’s photographer feature column Photo Spotlight! will feature some of today’s top and in-demand professional and amateur photographers in the realm of glamour, boudoir and fitness, with a touch of style, class, quality in-depth writing and eye-catching images. Welcome to the debut Photo Spotlight column here at INSCMagazine, where today we catch