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Video Games: Maplestory 2 New Content: Skybound Expansion Phase 1

It’s only been a few months since Maplestory 2’s release, but Nexon has already made the game much bigger—and higher. Yes, because the game’s new direction is not just a mere expansion but also ascension, as adventurers will be taken up in the clouds. Time to fly to Maplestory 2: Skybound Expansion Phase 1! New Skies, Reshaped Dungeons Lore-wise, the centerpiece of Skybound is the Sky Fortress, a giant battle airship
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Big Land, Big Quests: Return of Xeric Series on Zeah

There‘s a wide array of things you can do in Zeah, Old School RuneScape’s arguably biggest addition. So if you’re confused about which kind of content you should prioritize, here’s a suggestion: quests. There’s nothing like the types of quests you can find in Zeah. Here, you can follow a mini-storyline that will teach you a thing or two about a particular piece of Gielinor lore, and at the same
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Video Games: Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Strange, New Feel

How strange and different will Mass Effect Andromeda be? A few small details were released that gave fans clues that there will be strange new worlds that could never be found in the Mass Effect Trilogy. One such world that will be ignored for being too dangerous is a planet that has an environment of fiery tornadoes. According to NASA, the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away. it
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Video Games: Will NBA2k15 Be a Slam Dunk?

Another exciting basketball season is coming our way. With that in mind, the NBA2k15 fans will be ready to run their fast break offense to video game and entertainment stores for the highly anticipated release of NBA 2k15 on October 7th.   [caption id="attachment_31413" align="alignnone" width="400"] LeBron James dunk on Napier-NBA 2k15 (courtesy of NBA 2k4life.com)[/caption] From the early screenshots, gamers can tell the players look incredibly realistic. It is easy to see
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Video Games: FIFA ‘15 Demo Released

  The most recent installment of the world’s most popular soccer video game franchise, FIFA '15 by EA Sports, was made available Tuesday to those who downloaded the demo version. With eight teams available to use in the basic kick off mode, being Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, Boca Juniors, FC Barcelona, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, and Chelsea, players can enjoy three-minute halves with some of their favorite players, like Lionel
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Next-Gen Guide: Xbox One and PS4

With the next generation of video game consoles to release at the end of this month, there has been a lot of talk and miss  information about what to expect and what is going to be available when the consoles launch. We will be taking a look at the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.  So let's get into it. Microsoft is launching the Xbox One  on November 22nd. This will mark the third
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FIFA 14 : Most Underrated/Overrated Players And Teams

Less than a week away from FIFA ‘14 hitting shelves, we fans are starting to gear up for the long-awaited moment of when we finally get our hands on the game. Apologies must be given out in advance to friends and family who will seemingly lose all contact with us for the first few weeks as we get into and start up our Career Modes and Ultimate Teams. Food and
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Grand Theft Auto V Release, A Monster Success, Generates $800 Million After Launch.

The team at Take Two had exciting news about the release of Grand Theft Auto V as it recently announced that the game generated around $800 million in sales during the first 24 hours after its release. The team has also announced that the amount is just about the highest first-day retail sales of any game title and that includes all the other GTA games. The team has eventually then
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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 : Console War Heats Up At Gamerscom

With Gamerscom, in Cologne, Germany coming to end this week, the console war between video game juggernauts Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 is just beginning.  Here is what is known so far: both Sony and Microsoft are launching their entry into the seventh generation of gaming consoles in November. Sony has released their console street date, November 15, 2013. With no word out of the Microsoft camp, all
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Splinter Cell Blacklist Review : Same Old Fisher, Same Great Gameplay

Plot: With the absence of Michael Ironside, Sam Fisher may not sound like his old self. However, within moments of the prologue it is clear that this is the same old Fisher, just a meaner, older, and better-equipped version of himself. Splinter Cell: Blacklist picks up after the events of Conviction, where Fisher had to save President Patricia Caldwell from the mole operating inside the élite counterterrorist force “Third Echelon”.