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James Comey Congressional Testimony: Three Moments

Former FBI Director James Comey had his much-anticipated congressional testimony on Thursday. and offered a buffet of legal details for attorneys. Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee at a rare open hearing on Russia’s interference in the U.S. election, possible collusion by the Trump campaign in that interference, and Comey’s firing by President Donald Trump in early May. As senators took turns grilling Comey during the nearly three-hour hearing,
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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner Episode 23: Road to 270

https://soundcloud.com/llcc-trulyfestyle/episode-twenty-three In today’s episode, Liberty Lad breaks down the updated Electoral College predictions by RealClearPolitics.com, and commends Donald Trump on some of the good, substantive actions he’s done over the last week. With Donald Trump’s terrible week of campaigning behind him, it is great to see that he is focusing more on the issues at hand then anything else. Working closely with the Republican establishment, the likes of John McCain,
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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode 15 (RNC Day One)

https://soundcloud.com/llcc-trulyfestyle/episode-15 In today's episode, Liberty Lad talks about (unfortunately), once again, the terrible attacks on our law enforcement of Baton Rouge. He also breaks down the chaos on the RNC convention floor on Day One in Cleveland. He wants to make it clear: we the constitutionalists shouldn't adhere to the establishment anymore!!!!
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RNC 2016: Four Things to Love About the 2016 Republican Platform

When you have a toxic, America-destroying socialist combo spewing Marxist/Leninist ideologies, with tens of millions of supporters, vying to take our dearly-loved republic away from us, what do we the constitutionalists do about it? What do the Republicans do about a radical Communist Democratic platform, outlining a rotten plan of overblown unconstitutional federal government authorities, massive tariffs and taxes on the middle class that will no doubt continue crumbling the
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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner Debuts on The Inscriber: Digital Magazine

Liberty Lad's Conservative Corner, an acclaimed conservative talk show on both Soundcloud and iTunes, is officially available on Inscriber! While he used to be affiliated with Trulyfestyle, Liberty Lad, a constitution-loving conservative has moved his Tea Party credentials and his freedom-oriented ideologies to Inscriber! Liberty Lad will also publish political analysis and updates on Inscriber for you constitutionalist Reaganites to enjoy! This is Episode One, Liberty Lad's Conservative Corner's introduction
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Opinion: Are Chris Christie and Ben Carson Too Nice For The Ruthless GOP Field?

By: Jeffrey Newholm One of hall of fame baseball manager Leo Durocher’s most famous quips was “nice guys finish last”. Well that certainly seems to have held true in the 2016 Republican primary race. Voters have spurned candidates who tried to act cordially towards their opponents while choosing one specializing in demagoguery. Chris Christie is out of the race and Ben Carson is on his way out because both refused
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An American Muslim’s Open Letter to Donald Trump: I Challenge You To A Debate About Islam

Mr. Trump, I hope that this letter reached you in the best of health and spirits. Mr. Trump, earlier today, you gave a speech in South Carolina where you proclaimed multiple times that you are for everyone. That by running for the office of the President of the United States, that somehow, your xenophobic rhetoric is inclusive of everyone, when in fact you have been the most divisive and toxic