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FIFA: Ex-Brazil Football Chief Jose Maria Marin, Pleads Not Guilty

Ex-Brazil football chief, Jose Maria Marin pleaded not guilty in connection with the scandal engulfing FIFA for corruption. He has agreed to a $15 million bond in a US court on Tuesday and will be placed under house arrest while the case is heard. Jose is accused of taking bribes worth million from companies. These were all taken in connection with the selling the marketing rights for the Copa America
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Sepp Blather: How The FIFA Scandal Is Going To Affect Soccer In The United States

The recently publicly launched FIFA investigations are causing ripple effects in the sport of soccer. Billions were at stake during the 2004 World Cup host nation selection. The host nation results are hinged on the FIFA soccer's governing body executive committee. Revelations came to light that one single vote could tip the decision. Faithful to that effect, A FIFA football committee member from Trinidad and Tobago, one Jack Warner confessed.
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Interviews/Features : INSCMagazine’s Round-Table Discussion On Sepp Blatter And The State Of FIFA

Due to the recent decision of newly reelected FIFA president Sepp Blatter to a fifth straight term, the world of soccer was further turned upside when the 79-year-old decided to resign, reportedly under pressure from an ongoing investigation by the FBI, sponsors and internal pressure from within. While the real reason for Blatter’s about-face over the last 72 hours will never truly be answered, many questions about the future of