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Snowman’s Take! Why Zion’s Injury is Bad for the NBA

I’ve been saying all along that Zion Williamson will not be rookie of the year in the NBA this year. I’ve also said he’s not ready for the NBA. And right now, his body is proving my theory. But before I speak of that injury, let me remind you of the one that really set him back, but no one wants to be reminded of. Let’s go back to Cameron
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Snowman’s Take: Level Up! Don’t Be Afraid To Take The Leap!

My bride to be has told me dozens of times that I am in touch with my feminine side as well as my masculine side.  My emotions are on my sleeves most of the time.  I absolutely love her for her honesty and candor and not judging my character or asking me to change it.  In many ways her belief in me and what I want to do for a
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Snowman’s Take: Steph Curry Winning First-Ever Unanimous MVP Confirms His Greatness

https://youtu.be/ZvJ59wZlb-I With Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry winning his second straight NBA Most Valuable Player award, and also being the first-ever unanimous choice for it, there is no more denying his individual greatness. Arena Sports Network’s Brian Snow discusses why it is time to pay respect to Curry and acknowledge his personal stamp amongst the greatest in NBA history.
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Snowman’s Take: Kanye West, Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Okay, this is a very different version of Snowman's Take, but it is one that must be done.  So here goes. Kanye West, who the hell do you think you are? You're supposed to be the greatest hip-hop artist ever.  You're supposed to be happy to be a husband and a father.  You're supposed to be - well - Kanye. But ol' Snowman's got news for ya, here's one person