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English Premier League: Man City-Arsenal Highlight Provisional June 17th EPL Restart

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK – With media reports coming that the English Premier League has decided on a June 17th restart, highlighted by a double-header featuring Arsenal (9th, 40 points) vs. Manchester City (2nd, 57 points) after suspending play on March 13th due to COVID-19, EPL soccer returning is a positive sign of things returning to normal. The provisional June 17th restart, which also features Aston Villa vs. Sheffield, will go
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MLS Resumption Date Could Impact Toronto FC’s Title Aspirations

No sooner had the new MLS (Major League Soccer) season kicked-off than the worsening effects of the coronavirus pandemic saw it suspended indefinitely. The league was suspended after just two rounds of games, with the Canadian trio of Montreal Impact, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps having all made solid starts to the new campaign. MLS has been shut down since March 12, with the current aim being to resume the
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Things That Football Players Must Consider To Be Successful

What are the items that must be regarded as to reach full potential as a footballer? More than high technology and ambition are essential. A game is also needed for intelligence, physical fitness, and the right mentality to become a great soccer player. But what exactly are the technology, game intelligence, competence, and correct thinking? What football skills are being learned in elite football programs that help reach full potential
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How to improve performance of soccer players using compression socks?

More and more soccer players are turning to compression socks during game time and afterward to enhance recovery. Although compression socks used to be thought of as only for those with diabetes or circulatory issues, they have gained popularity in the athletic community because of the many great benefits they tout. The Physical Demands of Being a Soccer Player Soccer players frequently sprint short distances to overtake their opponents. Sprinting
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English Premier League: Why Are Liverpool So Good?

Let’s start this article off with a claim that will make us appear very foolish by May if something goes wrong:- Liverpool Football Club will be Premier League Champions in 2020. We may be writing this right at the end of 2019, but there’s almost nothing realistic that could happen between now and the end of May that could cause Liverpool to surrender their enormous lead. Manchester City appeared to
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The Health Advantages Associated With Playing Soccer

Soccer, also referred to as football (particularly in other countries), is the most well-liked sport worldwide and is played in the majority of countries. It is a team sport that involves eleven players on each side who use their head, torso, and legs to pass the ball and score goals. The characteristics of the game mean that players are running slow or fast, sprinting, and sometimes stand around. Since soccer
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The Most Suitable Soccer Cleats According to a Player’s Position

Do you know what makes soccer the most beautiful game in the world? It's the decision-making required on the spot to make a whole lot of difference in the outcome of a match. What's more intriguing is the amount of homework players do to maintain a lead until the final whistle blows. This preparation to win a soccer game is what differentiates a professional with a beginner.  Other than these
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All Change? The EPL Big Six Is Disintegrating Before Our Eyes!

With every new season, the soccer pundits are asked whether any of the “also ran” teams in the English Premier League can break into the top spots and dislodge the Big Six teams that have dominated for so long. Such questions are usually met with cautious optimism. You never know with Leicester or Wolverhampton look like they can beat anyone on their day. But still, you never really believe it.
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The Business of Safe Sports Management

Some children want to be firefighters when they grow up. Some want to be teachers, or maybe astronauts. Many even want to work in sports — but don’t necessarily want to be a player on the field. In these cases, kids still have several options for them so they don’t have to give up their dreams — one of those options being sports management. But what exactly does this mean,