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Auto: Top New Car Tech For 2016

By Patrick Vernon New cars have been described as ‘tech treasure chests on wheels’ as even models in the lower reaches of manufacturers’ ranges bristle with the sort of safety and comfort equipment unimaginable a few short years ago. More power from smaller engines, lighter weight models, collision avoidance systems and partial self-driving tech is becoming the norm as cars become ever-more sophisticated. Here’s a run down of some of
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The Mad Scientist’s Sports Lab Saturday Night Preview

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inscribermag/2015/11/22/the-mad-scientists-sports-lab--dfs-debate-continues-nascars-final-2015-lap Welcome to The Inscriber Media Network, home of "The Mad Scientist's Sports Lab", the 2015 Online Media Award Winning Podcast by What A Fan, hosted by "The Mad Scientist of Sports" Nick Ficorelli and "The Nutty Professor" Andrew Gluchov. This is not the average everyday sports show they are bringing to the air waves. "The Mad Scientist" has created his own personal sports lab, and you, the audience, as