Super Bowl Stadium after the game
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NFL: Super Bowl Week Recap

Many of us witnessed a Super Bowl for the ages. This is the second Super Bowl week that I have had the honor of going too. The atmosphere knowing that you are surrounded by football immortality is beyond what you would expect. I was simply amazed by the preparation that the city of Houston put in Super Bowl week. I was much more prepared on my agenda for Houston compared to
Super Bowl Commercials
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Super Bowl Commercials: Good, Bad, or just Whatever

The Super Bowl commercials, sometimes they are the only thing worth watching. This year the commercials did not have as much fire as in the past. There were a select few that were good enough to even talk about. Below you will see a couple that was worth the talk and those that were not. Worth the talk KIA with Melissa McCarthy. In this commercial McCarthy is called upon to
are the New England Patriots a great sports dynasty.
Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady creating history.
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New England Patriots: Greatest Sports Dynasty Ever

As the New England Patriots are now celebrating their fifth Super Bowl title after having what many consider to be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the Super Bowl, there was now a question being brought up in sports fans minds, “Does this now make the Patriots the greatest dynasty of any of the four North American sports?” [Jon] Personally, I'd say that the Patriots winning on
New England Patriots Super Bowl LI Champions
Tom Brady celebrates after winning Super Bowl LI
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Super Bowl LI – Congratulations to the New England Patriots

With the Atlanta Falcons having played in their first Super Bowl since 1999, Super Bowl LI was a game that was expected to be high-scoring. After an emotional pre-game ceremony, that is exactly what it was. What we got was a well-played game. The first overtime game in Super Bowl history. Here is a recap of the final game of the 2016-17 NFL season. 1st Quarter The first quarter was
New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons, Super Bowl LI
Battle for the Lombardi
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Super Bowl LI Preview: Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

In only a few hours, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are looking to make history by trying to win their fifth Super Bowl victory whereas the Atlanta Falcons are trying to win their first. A win tonight would especially be historic for quarterback Brady and Coach Bill Belichick. However, the Atlanta Falcons are no pushover, being the number one offense in the league, being led by NFL MVP
Super Bowl LI as predicted by Inscriber
Super Bowl LI, February 5, 2017.
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Super Bowl LI as predicted by Inscriber Magazine

Super Bowl LI is on the horizon. Many people are planning their parties and grabbing the necessary items. We here at the Inscriber Magazine are busy writing away on our different types of coverages. We may also be planning those parties as well, just don’t tell anyone. To wrap up our pre super bowl coverage we grabbed a few of the writers from The Inscriber and got their predictions on
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NFL: Where you can watch or listen to Super Bowl LI online

Well football fans its almost time, after five months of football and a few weeks of playoff game we are almost at Super Bowl LI. This years game will see the NFC South Division winner Atlanta Falcons play the AFC East Division winner New England Patriots. This will be the Patriots ninth Super Bowl appearance and they are hopeful that they can grab their 5th ring under the Tom Brady/
superstition and white jersey
Stadium Facade for the Super Bowl
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Super Bowl Superstition: Believe the white jersey

I've always been a person of great superstition in life, especially when it came to sports. As a player in high school, I used to use the same sweatbands, undershirt, socks, cleats and same routine, especially if my team was on a winning streak. As a fan, I have all sorts of routines; the playoff beard and wearing certain jerseys for certain games. For Super Bowl LI coming up on
Brady answers Super Bowl questions
Tom Brady is all smiles before Super Bowl LI.
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Super Bowl LI: Hey Patriots fans, let’s make a deal

The date was January 18, 2015. The New England Patriots hosted the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC Championship game, and the Patriots drubbed the Colts 45-7. While this loss was embarrassing for the Colts, the next two years of embarrassing behavior by the NFL, by the Patriots, and by Patriots fans was far more embarrassing. This was the birth of the PSI scandal known as “Deflategate,” and the culmination of