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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner Episode 23: Road to 270

https://soundcloud.com/llcc-trulyfestyle/episode-twenty-three In today’s episode, Liberty Lad breaks down the updated Electoral College predictions by RealClearPolitics.com, and commends Donald Trump on some of the good, substantive actions he’s done over the last week. With Donald Trump’s terrible week of campaigning behind him, it is great to see that he is focusing more on the issues at hand then anything else. Working closely with the Republican establishment, the likes of John McCain,
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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode 15 (RNC Day One)

https://soundcloud.com/llcc-trulyfestyle/episode-15 In today's episode, Liberty Lad talks about (unfortunately), once again, the terrible attacks on our law enforcement of Baton Rouge. He also breaks down the chaos on the RNC convention floor on Day One in Cleveland. He wants to make it clear: we the constitutionalists shouldn't adhere to the establishment anymore!!!!
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RNC 2016: Four Things to Love About the 2016 Republican Platform

When you have a toxic, America-destroying socialist combo spewing Marxist/Leninist ideologies, with tens of millions of supporters, vying to take our dearly-loved republic away from us, what do we the constitutionalists do about it? What do the Republicans do about a radical Communist Democratic platform, outlining a rotten plan of overblown unconstitutional federal government authorities, massive tariffs and taxes on the middle class that will no doubt continue crumbling the
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Politics: What is the State of Jefferson Movement? And What Does It Mean For California?

Deep in the heart of Northern California, known by locals as the North States, there is a secessionist movement from California.  A growing number of North State residents in places such as in Redding, CA want to create their own state. This state would be known as the Sate of Jefferson. For years, many residents in the North State have grown weary of a lack of representation in California.  The
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The Tea Party: Alex Jones Conspiracies, And How They See The World

Ever since the beginnings of the Tea Party, the GOP has increasingly had extreme-right members that want the USA to take an isolationist position. This is due to conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones who say that there is a one world government conspiracy where all nation-states lose their sovereignty while a central government controls every part of the world. So it is believed that every part of the world
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Donald Trump: The Would-Be American Dictator

During Thursday’s televised broadcast of a Donald Trump rally, the very first question asked was by a man wearing a Donald Trump shirt was very eye-opening. Before going into his question, the first questioner remarked that his question is concerning the ‘Muslim Problem’. Then, this man goes on to rant about Pres. Obama being a Muslim in the White House who got there using forged documents, and that Muslims in
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Sarah Palin: ESPN Comments, A Sad Excuse Of Trying to Remain Relevant

Editor’s Note: This column may contain content language that may be deemed offensive or inappropriate. The views express in this column do not reflect the views of INSCMagazine, The Inscriber: Digital Magazine or it’s staff. When John McCain picked his running mate (or more than likely had his running mate picked for him) in the 2008 election, the choice of Sarah Palin came as a shock. One so big that
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2016 U.S. Election: Can Hillary Clinton Outrun The Past?

After ending months of speculation, Hillary Clinton is expected to officially announce her candidacy for President of the United States. According to CNN.com, the former First Lady is expected to make the official announcement via video on social media Sunday. Clinton, who served under President Barack Obama from 2009-13 as Secretary of State, faces an uphill challenge from a proverbially blood-thirsty pool of Republican challengers such as Texas senator Ted