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8 Hacks to Become the Top Counter-Strike Player

    Understanding of the game is more relevant than any other CS: GO information, including fixing. The Counter Strike-Global Offensive is a bottomless experience. The game opens layers for those courageous enough to know the mechanics and tactics. You are one of those people who are willing to use CS: GO tips and tricks, not just to fire around the place? And at CS: GO, do you not know
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How Celebrities Are Changing The eSports Gaming World

Celebrities are changing the eSports world because they are a part of it now. Some celebrities are getting a lot of press just for playing, but other celebrities are actually paying into the eSports world. If you are familiar with someone like Rick Fox, you know that he has invested in his son’s esports team as a way to help that league get off the ground. There are some celebrities
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Pittsburgh Steelers Starting To Take E-Sports Seriously

Whilst the Pittsburgh Steelers were narrowly beaten by the Jacksonville Jaguars in last season’s NFL playoffs, the team is looking beyond football to invest in the world of esports. It was revealed in late 2018, that the Steelers would be partnering up with the professional esports team, Pittsburgh Knights. The move will benefit both teams by sharing the huge fanbases from both parties and it was one of the first
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Counter Strike Global Offensive: Why CSGO Is The Ultimate E-Sport To Watch

Everybody knows that esports is one of the fastest growing sports and entertainment trends in the world. The billion-dollar industry is awash with all manner of first-person shooters, battle arena titles and battle royales that always throw up plenty of incredible gaming performances. Whilst the idea of sitting down to watch other people play video games may be a bit odd, there is no doubting the fact that esports have
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Definitely Viable: Top Heroes in Artifact

Before anything else, let’s get one thing clear: there is no such thing as a “best hero”. It’s all up to you and how you’re going to use a hero’s potential to the fullest. This is true for both DoTA2 and Artifact. Nevertheless, there are heroes that, from a mathematical perspective, increase the likelihood of victory. Here are some heroes that should be on your Artifact deck. The Wolf: Lycan
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Can You Earn Money with E-Sports Betting? How?

At some point during your childhood, you experienced playing video games before we were introduced to the internet, kids went gaga over the family computer. As technology advances, video games also progressed to keep up with the ever-changing needs of players. When the internet was introduced, we were in awe of what it can do for us. All the information we need is easily accessed in the blink of an
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Gaming: 6 Online Games You Should Be Playing Nowadays!

  In case you have to value a collection of PC amusements, having a stunning machine is a shrewd idea. Regardless, paying little mined to whether you don't have a fast PC, you can at present have a lot of fun gave you are related to the Internet. You don't need to present these diversions. You ought to just go to the entertainment site and hit the play catch to
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Sports Betting: Sports Betting In The Field Of E-Sports

Video games don't have as bad a reputation as they did a few years ago. Only recently, studies that removed certain prejudices from the public sphere came out again. And even if there are still more than enough people who think that gaming is lonely, depressive or even aggressive, the studies have refuted this with surprising results. Even politics no longer sees the hobby as a disruptive factor, but now
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eSports: The Trend that Revolutionized the Gaming Industry

At the start of the century, gaming was still considered a mostly niche market with a more or less specific target demographic. Yet, video games have now expanded their appeal to convert players across countries, ages, and tech skills. This increased reach has resulted in a shift in the dynamics of the gaming industry: As more and more people like to play games and watch others show off their skills,