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Press Release: Unisonar Releases “Evolve,” the Official Theme Song for the 2020 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup

Los Angeles (July 13, 2020) - Unisonar, a Los Angeles-based music label, music production company, and publisher will release “Evolve,” the official theme song for the upcoming esports mega-event, the 2020 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup. The track features U.S. recording artist, Ki:Theory and was produced by Unisonar, in partnership with TiMi Audio, part of TiMi Studios’ award-winning game development team and a subsidiary of Tencent Games. The track
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Compelling tips for choosing the right sneakers for athletes

In different lessons, athletes will be taught about wearing shoes and socks. Executing the fundamentals makes the process easy for the selection of the sneakers. A person should think about sports and purchase the most expensive sneakers in the world. With high prices, the quality of the sneakers will be the best for the person. A significant effect will be available in the performance of the athletes in sports. An adaptation of
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Iconic CS:GO Moments To Get You Into Esports

Video gaming is now worth more than the industries of film and music put together, and its strand of competitive titles has helped blend together entertainment and sports in a way that most people would have once thought impossible. No game in the Esports community right now is bigger than Valve Corporation’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game’s recent ESL Pro League and Road to Rio tournaments topped both YouTube and
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The Top Six Trends That Outlines The Future Of Media And Gaming

Esports nowadays is the most familiar subject talked about as far and media business and gaming industry goes. Irrespective of the rank of online gaming or esports, in a few years from now, the basic trends are predicting the future of digital media and games as a whole and hastening the distraction from conventional media. These six trends are outlining the future of media and gaming. Technology Trends When user-friendly
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King of Glory: China-USA to Battle for eSports Industry Crown

Competition has typified US-Chinese relations for a long time but, with a trade war raging between the pair of countries, talks have has been especially frosty in recent months. The rivalry is thawing as the second decade of the 2000s draws to a close but the superpowers will still go head-to-head in an altogether different capacity in 2020, for the throne of the emerging eSports industry, following official government recognition
Growth of Esports and Its Impact on Online Casinos
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Esports: Growth of Esports and Its Impact on Online Casinos

Over the past few years, the esports industry has grown, taking the world of entertainment by a storm. The revenue of what seemed like an excellent pastime activity for kids in the 80s and 90s is expected to surpass $214 million by 2020. As a result, brands across the spectrum are finding ways to venture into the sector to market to the young, tech-savvy and affluent esports fans.  Together with
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8 Hacks to Become the Top Counter-Strike Player

    Understanding of the game is more relevant than any other CS: GO information, including fixing. The Counter Strike-Global Offensive is a bottomless experience. The game opens layers for those courageous enough to know the mechanics and tactics. You are one of those people who are willing to use CS: GO tips, warzone hacks and tricks, not just to fire around the place? And at CS: GO, do you
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How Celebrities Are Changing The eSports Gaming World

Celebrities are changing the eSports world because they are a part of it now. Some celebrities are getting a lot of press just for playing, but other celebrities are actually paying into the eSports world. If you are familiar with someone like Rick Fox, you know that he has invested in his son’s esports team as a way to help that league get off the ground. There are some celebrities
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Pittsburgh Steelers Starting To Take E-Sports Seriously

Whilst the Pittsburgh Steelers were narrowly beaten by the Jacksonville Jaguars in last season’s NFL playoffs, the team is looking beyond football to invest in the world of esports. It was revealed in late 2018, that the Steelers would be partnering up with the professional esports team, Pittsburgh Knights. The move will benefit both teams by sharing the huge fanbases from both parties and it was one of the first