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What does Cedar Fair have up its sleeve for 2018?

We’ve heard they are putting in four new coasters at their many theme parks in the coming year. The question is, “What are they, and who will get them?”

We know that two of the coasters will be the RMC refurbished Mean Streak and Hurler at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion.

Cedar Fair also gave a hint as to the other two coasters, saying one will be an all-new coaster design. The other will be from a manufacturer the company hasn’t worked with in quite some time.

With Cedar Fair’s new relationship with RMC, you’ve got to wonder if the new coaster design has anything to do with the RMC Raptor track.

The new creation from Rocky Mountain Construction has been testing at the company’s plant for quite some time. Knotts Berry Farm is perfect for the ride seeing that it is for a smaller footprint area.

KBF is in the process of removing its beloved Boomerang coaster. It didn’t take up much space in the park, and with the speed at which they are tearing the ride down. it would seem as if something is going in rather quickly. Could it be the RMC Raptor track coaster?

As for the coaster from a manufacturer of Cedar Fair’s past, I’d have to say Intamin is the ideal choice.

The last coaster Intamin developed for Cedar Fair was Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion in 2010. The two have been relatively close up until that point. Intamin went on to develop more rides overseas and hasn’t been a big factor in America since Intimidator 305.

So where do these coasters go? My previous speculation is that the new coaster will be the RMC Raptor track. Which they will eventually be placing at Knotts Berry Farm. As for the other coaster, I’d probably say California Great America.

Cedar Fair stated that big things are ahead for Great America. Putting in a new coaster from a top manufacturer such as Intamin would really speed up the process. Regardless, CF has a lot in the pipeline for the park in the coming years. So, it’s possible we see the other coaster go to Canada’s Wonderland, who are also starving for a new coaster.

It appears Cedar Fair has a lot lined up for 2018. Who knows what they’ve come
up with. One thing is for sure though, the roller coaster enthusiast is the real winner here.

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