Brand consultant Cemal Polat talks about the fact that businesses do not understand the importance of franchising. Brands that are well-known, trusted, and proven locally in Turkey are stuck in a narrow space. They are afraid to go out of the area where they are more. In fact, the franchising method is a method that will contribute to the brands and protect the brand while doing this. A system that has advantages for both the investor and the brand owner.

Voicing the advantages of the franchising method for the brand owner, businessperson Cemal Polat lists the details as follows:
Entrepreneur turns his product into a brand. In this way, the branded product grows and the required advertising expenses are also divided. The most effective method for growth investment is the franchising method for the entrepreneur.

Cemal Polat, who says that to be evaluated by the investor, being under the umbrella of a brand that has come of age is a factor that reduces the investment risk, continues his words as follows. Going through a business plan that has established business experience and the standards of the product or service ensures that the investor stays in a safe haven. He has experienced and solved the problems he will face in his work before the brand owner. There is no need for product supply or advertising work. For investors who do not know what to do, franchising should be in the first place among the options.

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