Growing up in New York, DarwinLives was surrounded by a heavy influence of both sports and hip-hop music. This is not surprising when you look at the fact that he was playing baseball in the Dominican Republic in an attempt to make the MLB. After a devastating injury, DarwinLives finds himself going back to the other heavy influence in his life growing up by pursuing a career in the hip hop industry.

With a deep passion and love for the art of music, DarwinLives has been keeping music as his side hobby for a couple of years now. With recent releases at the end of 2020, DarwinLives shows that he has been working on his flow a lot. His unique and melodic flow make for a combination that everyone can enjoy. Luckily for his fans, he has tons of new music on the way in the upcoming year, including a laundry list of singles and a full-length album that’s set to release in the summer of 2021.


Knowing the positive effect music can have on people keeps DarwinLives motivated to bring only the best for his fans. He wants to give back to the ones who support him as he wouldn’t be in the position he is in today without them. Although his sports career took a turn for the worst, DarwinLives is doing a stand-up job for himself in the music industry.

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