John Kuntz,

The excitement has been swirling in Cleveland since the Browns hired John Dorsey as the new general manager of the team. Dorsey has made that known with the number player acquisitions he has made during the offseason.

Between trades, free agency and the draft, Dorsey and the Browns were able to acquire quarterback Tyrod Taylor, running back Carlos Hyde, receiver Jarvis Landry and defensive back Damarious Randall, just to name a few.

While those are some impressive acquisitions for the Browns, it can be argued that none of them have as much anticipation and excitement put on them from fans as the first overall selection from the 2018 NFL Draft Baker Mayfield.

Obviously, the goal in Cleveland is to have a winning football team. The Browns have not had much success in being able to assemble a consistently competitive team since returning in 1999. Actually, some would argue that the Browns have struggled to put a competitive team on the field at all in the last 20 years.

Either way, it feels like Cleveland has been just a piece or two short of putting together a successful team. The way things are looking at this point, the Browns seem to have all of the right pieces together and are on their way to long-term success.

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