The Cleveland Indians have themselves to blame, but 100 percent of that does not fall on their shoulders.

In June of 2016, there was another piece of history made for the city of Cleveland. The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first ever championship after erasing a 3-1 deficit to the Golden State Warriors. But, instead of being humble about it, it became a running joke in the sports world.

The joke began with fans, then the media, then the players got involved. Most notably, the Cavaliers themselves. This was the scene at LeBron James Halloween party this past weekend.


But a few months later with James in attendance, the city which once celebrated such joy is now mourning what Oklahoma City and Golden State fans endured.

Thanks, Cavs fans.

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The Indians had the momentum. They were beating the Chicago Cubs on all cylinders this World Series but choked. They couldn’t close it out in Chicago but had two games in Cleveland to make history and make their city great again. But they choked. The Indians choked like the Thunder, Yankees, and Warriors before them.

It’s okay to have confidence as they should have headed home, needing only one win but those same hot bats and strong arms fell victim to pressure and karma. The Cubs were the better team, maybe not the entire series but they were better when it mattered most.

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The sad part is. The Cavs and James have their rings, but in the process, they put a jinx on their baseball team because they couldn’t contain their behavior or sportsmanship.

I’m pretty sure there will be Cubs fans with 3-1 tweets and signs, and some will probably be directed at the Cavs. And while it’s not warranted or fair, such is life in the sports world.

The Indians played in one of, if not the best seven games series in the history of sports. It was just too bad that someone else’s history cost them their title.

Thanks, Cavs.