Preparing for a first date can seem very overwhelming. You might be jumping back into the dating scene after a nasty break up, you could be going on a blind date for the very first time, or maybe you’re connecting with an old flame from the past. Whatever the scenario may be, there are important things to keep in mind, especially when you’re getting dressed for the big event! Whether your style is comfortable and conservative or chic and sexy, there is a certain etiquette to follow to ensure you’re not overdoing it for a first date.

Check out these common first date scenarios along with a few wardrobe dos and don’ts for women! This guide will come in handy when it comes time to getting ready for a first date:

Dinner & movie

The old fashioned dinner and a movie is a classic date night idea that’s been alive for decades. With the rise of dating apps, people are going on more dates and the go-to spot is usually dinner or drinks, occasionally followed by a movie. Getting ready for this kind of date can be tough, depending on where you end up grabbing a bite to eat. But if you take time to break it down, it will be a breeze when it comes time to get dressed.

DO: Starting with cozy undergarments is the trick when it comes to dressing comfortable enough to sit through a whole movie followed by a few drinks and appetizers. Wear a lightweight bra from True&Co. under your sweater and you’ll forget you even have anything on underneath!

DON’T: Although this date might require you to sit around for hours, wearing something like a hoodie and yoga pants is just not acceptable for a first date. Save the comfy outfit for a movie night with your friends!

Attend a local event like a concert or festival

If you’re going on a date with someone who has the same taste in music, a great first date idea would be to head to a local concert or festival! Whether you’re rocking out with your favorite band or trekking around a festival for the day, the hours spent on your feet can take a toll on your body if you’re not prepared.

DO: Considering this is your first date, it’s important to play it safe and wear a pair of comfortable sneakers. Pair a cute pair of Converse sneakers with a floral mini dress and you’ll be sporting the perfect combination of comfy and sexy!

DON’T: Just because sneakers are the most logical shoe to wear to a concert or festival, wearing a beat up, old pair of gym shoes is not recommended, especially if you’re looking to go on a second date! Think about it, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person so making a killer first impression is crucial.

Something active like a walk in the park, rock climbing or hiking

For those of you who prefer a more adrenaline pumpinging first date, like hiking a trail you’ve been wanting to try, or visiting your local rock climbing gym, showing up in the right gear is the most important part.

DO: If you’re going to be partaking in any kind of physical activity that could make you sweat, investing in a quality headband that holds both your hair and sweat is a smart move. You won’t be worrying about looking like a hot mess because your fly aways will feel secure!

DON’T: Hiking and rock climbing aren’t as easy as a walk in the park. These activities get your body moving and you might find yourself wanting to peel off some layers throughout your date. Once again, it’s important to play it safe. Opt for a loose crop top and bike shorts rather than a low cut sports bra. It’s okay to allow yourself to be a little revealing on a date like this, but don’t go over the top. The last thing you’d want is to fall out of a low cut sports bra half way up the rock wall!

Whether you’re getting dressed for a first date that takes place at a fancy restaurant or a local park, it’s important to feel both comfortable and sexy in whatever it is you decide to wear. Having the perfect balance will allow you to be your true self and it will make opening up in your new relationship easier!

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