Oxy-fuel welding or cutting is a process that is being used to cut metal into small pieces with the help of heat by the combustion of acetylene and oxygen. And in some cases, acetylene can be replaced with propane or hydrogen.

For many years acetylene has become one of the safest and strongest ways of doing welding or cutting metals. Moreover, this is a process that is easily used to cut various elements. Here you will learn about various benefits respect of using an Acetylene cutting torch.

  • Affordability

As using an oxy-fuel cutting torch is less expensive in comparison with other cutting tools. So this can be easily available within your range. But sometimes, if you need it for clean, sharp cuts, then it can cost you more because more gases will be used.

  • Safety

This process requires more heat when doing welding. But it ensures process safety with safety measures to be under control. For example, you can easily control the temperature of the gas cylinders so that safety can be made.

  • Best Quality

Acetylene is ideal for doing welding different types of metals. It is considered to be one of the hottest fuel gas as it is combined with a certain level of oxygen. So, the best quality acetylene is formed in doing welding.

  • A Safe Fuel

Acetylene is considered the safest fuel as it is lighter than air. So there are very few chances of forming any accumulation at low levels. Which also makes it easy and safe to perform this process within underground applications.

  • Some Economic Aspect

When it is compared to propane, acetylene is considered to be less required than stoichiometric oxygen. The ratio of their volume with acetylene will be 1.2 to 1. This simply shows that here oxygen can get easily consumed while using acetylene.

  • Can Be Used For Other Purposes

As there is rising demand for acetylene, other than the welding of metals, it can also be used for other purposes such as doing stonework, cutting glass material, and it can also be used to make fancy items of jewelry items.

Thus, using an acetylene cutting torch is one of the easy and smartest ways of performing welding activities as it ensures proper safety without using any electrical system. It just required a proper amount of heat and oxygen in order to perform the process.

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