The Caribbean is not just a region or some part of land floating between deep waters. It’s nostalgia – ask the travelers. It is, in the words of Frederick A. Morton, Jr. – Founder of TEMPO Networks, Earth’s last Eden. Mention the name, and the breathtaking sceneries of sun-drenched beaches, waterfalls, rain forest, adventurous hiking trails painted in green, beautiful shallow sandbars, the long blue veil of the ocean, occasionally pierced by the creatures living beneath it, and unique cultures instantly pop up in mind.

A heavenly place like the Caribbean, indeed, cannot and must not be kept away from the eyes of the world. The magnetic aura of the region did attract some crews of media networks around the world, but it wasn’t enough. The wide-stretched region, housing hundreds of identities, warranted a separate and dedicated entity to present the real, palpable image to the world – a void filled by TEMPO Networks.

Founded by Frederick in 2005, TEMPO Networks has manifested itself to be a tour de force in representing the Caribbean in the media landscape. In a period of 16-years, the company has gone to great lengths in capturing Caribbean travel, lifestyle, music, cuisine, culture, and diaspora life and presenting it worldwide.

And the journey so far has been without any disappointments. TEMPO’s success can be measured by its cable viewership which stands at ~5 million – a number that is ever-growing! The success of the Network is largely due to the steady direction of its Founder, Frederick, who is a dreamer, doer, and a proud son of the Caribbean.

“When I started TEMPO, it was my dream and main objective to create a unifying and quality platform for the Caribbean through media,” says Frederick. He believes the Caribbean islands are ‘more alike than different’, and if there are some differences, especially pertaining to dialects and cuisine, they only add to beautifying the rich cultural diversity.

Principled and focused, Frederick finds himself over the moon about the accomplishments bagged by TEMPO Networks. And he has every reason to be that ecstatic. Growing up in St. Croix, promoting Caribbean culture had been his childhood dream. However, he had to wait for years to fulfill his dream even after being financially able to do so. Initially, Frederick dedicated his life to the legal profession, where he excelled.

He worked at the highest levels, i.e., clerked on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, became a Senior Litigation Associate at the internationally renowned law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlet, and rose to Head of Litigation at Johnson & Johnson, and Viacom. After marveling at these prestigious institutions, when he landed at MTV Networks as Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, he sensed an opportunity to step toward his dream, and he did not hesitate.

TEMPO Networks soon emerged as the leading television, media, and entertainment lifestyle brand of the Caribbean region, and under Frederick’s direction, it continues to march toward new levels of success and prosperity.

Have a knack for the Caribbean vibes? Visit TEMPO Networks’ website here.




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