Growing up in Kenosha, WI, Cory Sccott always found himself drawn to music. He realized at an early age that he had a creative side. He began channeling this passion into poetry. This was the beginning of his journey into the art of songwriting. He was captivated by the impact his poetry was able to have on people. When his 4th-grade class teacher heard his poetry and became flooded in tears Cory Sccott intuitively knew that he had the potential to positively impact the world by expressing himself through music. Cory Sccott went to work to improve his craft and find his voice.

Presently, Cory Sccott is an independent musician. Cory Sccott focuses on making music that is inspiring strong and positive. A large portion of his lyrics is influenced by the struggles and hardships he’s endured throughout his life. Cory Sccott hopes to take these lessons of pain and pass the lessons to other people through his music so that they do not have to endure the same things he did. Cory talks about his music, “Wants people to take a look at my music and gain a glimpse into my personal life. I’d like people to understand that, as a Christian guy, I’m not more than perfect, and neither should I be held as a model of perfection. I also experience difficulties and make choices that have a negative impact on my life. My church was designed to serve people who do not attend church regularly. I’m hoping to make my music with that same idea. I would like people to perceive me as a Christian and connect with me like any other person they could connect with. I’d like to change the perception of Christianity because my perspective has been forever changed.”

Cory Sccott announced that he was engaged in his very first project. Through this collection of projects, Cory Sccott intends to provide his fans with a deeper understanding of his life. He will lead his fans through the many hardships he’s faced and overcame. He hopes that his fans learn from the lessons he’s learned to implement them into their lives. Make sure you follow Cory Sccott on Instagram to keep up to date with his latest endeavor. Also, follow him on Spotify for the latest releases!


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