The year 2020 is legitimately one of the darkest years that this generation has had to face to date. The Coronavirus pandemic has left no tables unturned in creating havoc all over the world. Everyone is scared and hoping for this nightmare-like situation to pass. These days are tough, indeed, but there is more to come. A new world order might be announced and established any time now, which means our way of living life will transform. Even the simplest pleasures of our lives like watching Football will change. We can only imagine what it will be like for the players. Let’s have a look at a few speculations about that.

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A lot of players might step off the ground

It is not hidden from anyone that the Coronavirus pandemic has left most if not all sectors of the economy devastated. As a result, sports that come under the entertainment industry are profoundly affected. The current situation doesn’t allow the funding of games because the health sector has attracted all the focus, as it should. What we can draw from this is that a lot of football players might consider changing their career because they are not precisely earning from their current job. There are hardly any matches being held. Hence, money is tight in the sports world. In times like this, it might leave football fans devastated, but Footballers will have to step off the ground and find other sources of income.

Players will have to make do with mannequins

This is for those fortunate football players that managed to remain committed to their profession regardless of the pandemic. So, it is known to everyone that the entire concept of matches being held in stadiums, surrounded by the public has three motives –

  • Entertaining the fans and fulfilling their dreams of watching their favorite footballer play in person.
  • Encouraging football players and making them famous.
  • Generating revenue so that the sports world functions smoothly.

Sadly enough, due to the pandemic, not one of these motives are being achieved. So, the authorities have suggested associations to carry out Football matches in stadiums, but without the audience to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The seats will be occupied by mannequins so that the players have a sense of being watched and appreciated. These matches will be broadcasted for people to watch.

Players shall be spotted interacting with fans via various sources of media

Now that the players won’t be seeing a lot of fans during matches or generally anywhere, in person, it might scare them that they will soon be forgotten. To avoid this from happening, more and more football players will try to increase their social media presence to not lose touch with their fans. Even those celebrity football players that used to dodge the paparazzi and avoid the limelight can be expected to become more active on their social media handles. It will prove to entertain the fans and keep their mind off of the negativity around them.


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