Crazy Paving for Unique Stone Paving within Your Budget

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Stone paving is often considered as one of the best options in paving owing to the elegance and durability they offer.

There is an extensive range of natural stones which can effectively be used for paving floors, driveways, walkways, etc. However, crazy paving has emerged as a contemporary style with the use of natural stones in an irregular arrangement, where every corner of the stone interlocks with the other to bring out an abstract asymmetrical arrangement.

Without a doubt, it offers unique style, decorative appeal and quintessential feel of natural stone paving.

Attraction for Crazy Paving

This paving style is perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Think of garden walkways or indoor corridors, the stylish look and grandeur of crazy patterns and arrangements of natural stones offer vibrant look, gaudy appearance and a complete contemporary décor to your house. This has emerged as an innovative and unique decorative paving pattern which again easily fits into the budget of a middle-class household as you don’t need to pay havoc to derive this distinguished paving pattern.

Color Choices

The stones used as crazy pavers are small compared to flagstones and rather offer better consistency. Once arranged, the corners of the stones interlock to give a distinct appeal and a random pavement. For those, who are looking for unique and decorative paving options that offer vibrant thematic appeal, crazy pavers are the best option. For those, who are looking for unique and decorative paving options that offer vibrant thematic appeal, crazy pavers are the best option. If ever you have a limited budget but still want to use a natural stone as paving, Tiles For My Home is the best choice. You can avail this paving style in three broad categories of colors.

· Onyx is a distinguished color pattern. This type of paving offers singular hue of charcoal grey.

· Russet, another color pattern on the other hand offers a vibrant range of shades from dark gray to sober palettes of medium brown.

· Bisque is however known to offer sophisticated soft palettes of golden yellow and light hues of grey which together can bring unique and stylish paving patterns.

Exclusive Benefits

In stone paving you can avail an extensive spectrum of natural stones as options of paving. However, crazy paving comes along with a wide range of advantages. Apart from exclusively unique paving, this pattern is popular owing to the designer feel and vibrant color schemes which can be achieved through the blend of different colors of stones.

· Since this paving pattern is based on interlocking of irregular stones, it eliminates the trouble and labor of cutting stones, thereby saving a lot of time and labor.

· With the application of appropriate sealers, one can easily lighten the hue of the paving.

· This paving pattern is distinctively known for flexibility over a long term of usage.

· This is again highly durable in nature, offering resistance against general damages from fading of color, shrinking, chipping, cracking or expanding due to temperature variations.

· In case of any damage, no need to seek professional help for repair, you just need to replace the damaged stone, instead of rearranging the entire paving.

· This is a great paving option for those looking for innovative decorative blends like growing moss, or grass in between paving.

· It can be kept dry even for a permeable surface.

· It can be invariably used in pillars, floors, driveways, pool sides.

Above all the advantages, crazy paving offers budget decoration. For those with restrained budget, this paving pattern assays them with an exclusive scope of experimenting with innovative looks within budget.

Besides, this paving eliminates the labor and time required for cutting and shaping stones and reduces the expenditure automatically. Hence, allows a person to stay within budget. Moreover, owing to its low maintenance quality, it is preferred widely, since maintenance often calls for added and repetitive expenditure throughout.

Therefore, if you are looking for a stylish paving options, crazy pattern paving is the latest buzz in the world of interior designing.


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