Social media opens doors of stardom for unexplored talent. Today, influencers and Youtubers are netting hundreds of dollars and reaching the zenith of success with their content-creation skills.

Among the plethora of content creators and social media stars, Youtuber Jake Tran has slowly yet surely carved a niche for himself in the content creation business with business video essays. Needless to say, his spectacular foray into creative content creation has propelled him to unprecedented fame.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, young Jack relocated to Southern California with his family when he was two years old. Initially, Tran struggled with academics due to the language barrier. But soon, he excelled in his studies, particularly math and science, once he was able to grasp the command of language. He also found solace in Taekwondo and later started teaching other students of all ages.

Entering Youtube came as a surprise for Jack for whom YouTube videos were the only source of entertainment given there was no cable at home. From regularly watching Youtube channels to learning about Youtube earnings, brand deals, etc, Jack’s curious mind was relentless in pursuing his fantasy. He started a YouTube channel related to Taekwondo by the name of ‘Iron Wood Productions’ on 31 December 2015. However, the channel garnered a lukewarm response and he wasn’t able to gain more than five thousand subscribers.

Ultimately, a burn out Jake Tran gave up on YouTube and taekwondo and enrolled in community college to study Computer Science. Coding and algorithms were so fascinating for him that he ended up considering a career as an artificial intelligence researcher. However, his vision suddenly cleared when he read “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ Demarco on a friend’s recommendation and discovered his true calling – being an entrepreneur.

Jake, then 19 years old, was unstoppable and full of enthusiasm as he struggled to launch several businesses which didn’t take off. Later, he delved into web development and eventually landed a dream job with a handsome salary, that too without a degree.

Even though the web development job was perfect it wasn’t intellectually stimulating as Jack wasn’t able to shine on the business, engineering, and creative side.  The realization brought him back to square one aka his first love – YouTube.

Climbing the ladder slowly, Jack’s popularity soared once he released a video called ‘Why Graham Stephan is Killing the YouTube Algorithm.’ His videos created a frenzy online and he blew up on the platform. Today, Jake Tran has over 1.23 million subscribers and has reached the zenith of success with each of his videos crossing million views and likes. On a concluding note, the popular creator continues to inspire his audience.


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