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By George Wolfson The next time you’re planning a trip, pick a time of year that is slow. Try to go when schools are in session especially if you’re visiting a family friendly place. If you’re not interested in beaches and hot weather, visit some places during the colder months when you’ll likely find lower prices. Who doesn’t love an excellent vacation that keeps as much money as possible in your bank account and wallet? This way, you will be in a better position to enjoy your visits because you will have secured your travel rewards credit card advised by that offers insurance for rental cars save the money and decline extra coverage at the counter! Book Your Trip in Advance: It’s also a good idea to book your trip in advance. As it becomes closer to the date, more local events might be announced. The hotels will realize that there is a bigger demand for rooms during those days, and they will amp up the price of the rooms. Shop around on some reputable travel websites to ensure that you receive the best possible rate. Set a Budget: Before going on the trip, set a daily budget. Make sure that you stick to it during the trip. Cut out any unnecessary extras such as souvenirs from every park that you visit. Furthermore, try to bring some drinks and snacks with you on expeditions. Doing so will eliminate the need to stop and buy food and drinks that are often quite expensive in popular tourist areas. Some people like to just pack a bag and head out on the open roads when vacation is their destination. However, if you’re like most people, you do have some degree to which you like to plan. It’s important to not be too over the top or too loose though. Set a Schedule for Your Vacation: When you’re setting a schedule forvacation, try to find a balance between flexibility and strictness. For example, you might have a different event or attraction scheduled every two or three hours on your list.Confused? Here ‘s a little help. Mark off the ones that are a top priority. As you’re driving, you may find that you see a site at which you’d like to stop. You may find yourself spending more time at one particular stop. Ultimately, you just don’t want to stress out about fitting everything in. Make sure to schedule some down time too, especially if you’re traveling with children. When you’re staying at a beautiful resort or a hotel with a great pool, everyone will likely want to relax there for awhile. As you are crafting the schedule, ask the rest of the travelers for input as to where they would like to go. Be sure to bring along addresses, phone numbers and directions for all the stops.

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