Symbols are an important part of the Viking culture. They used symbols for almost everything, the symbols represented their beliefs. Historians have been trying to study Viking symbols for a long time. Many of the symbols are still not decoded. Some of the decoded symbols are:

Hrungnir’s Heart:

Historians discovered this symbol carved into the stone named Valknut. The meaning of this symbol is a knot or slain warriors. It is also known as Hrungnir’s Heart., named after the jotunn in the Prose Edda whose name was Hrungnir. The symbol is considered as afterlife emblem and is found on several funeral patterned stones. The symbol seems like three interlocked triangles with nine points and stands for fetation, rebirth, and regeneration cycle. While some people believe that the Valknut symbol represents the connection between earth, heaven, and hell that also includes nine realms.

Mjolnir’s Pendant:

Vikings men and women wore Mjolnir’s pendant, the Mjolnir symbol represents bravery and courage. The Mjolnir is also known as thor’s hammer. Vikings believed in many Gods and Thor was one of them. According to the legends, Mjolnir had the power to crush the mountains. So the Mjolnir symbol had great importance in their culture. The Mjolnir symbol is worn by today’s generation, as a fashion of symbol. To buy your favorite Norse Symbol jewelry, visit this website.

Yggdrasil, Tree Of Life:

Yggdrasil tree is famous for holding nine realms in its branches. It is also known as the tree of life and represents birth, growth, death, and rebirth. It was believed that the tree was protected by an eagle and a dragon. The eagle used to live at the top of the tree while the dragon resided at the bottom of Yggdrasil. The tree of life has another representation of Odin’s horse, as Ygg means Odin and Drasil mean Horse.

The Helm Of Terror:

The helm of terror or awe is named as Aegishjalmr in Vikings culture. It is said that the helm of awe symbol is used to perform a special type of magic called Seior. The magic was used to create delusion or make people forget things. It is said that a woman engraves the helm of awe symbol into a goatskin and then thrown onto the person’s head. The 8 branched radial symbol represents protection from the enemy.

Odin’s Twin Ravens:

It is believed that Viking’s most famous and supreme God carried two ravens with him all the time. The ravens flew in the morning and return in the evening to update Odin about current happenings in the Kingdom. The Ravens are named as Hugin and Munin. Hugin represents memory while Munin represents thought. The birds were very close to Odin.


The Swastika is known as the sun wheel represents luck, power, and prosperity. Vikings wore this symbol as a sign of blessing by their Gods and are similar to Mjolnir. If the person was swallowed by Swastika he is considered as a Holy person. The Swastika symbol is one of the symbols which lost their true meaning when Nazis invaded them.

The Runic Compass:

The runic compass or the Viking compass has the name of Vegvisir. The symbol represents protection and guidance when they got lost. It is said that the runic compass will guide the person who might have lost its way. It was worn by Vikings sailors to ensure they will come back home safe and sound.

The few symbols mentioned above tell us the story of Viking’s culture. No matter how brutal they were, their lifestyle was modern and amazing. Viking women and men loved to wear jewelry and carved these symbols into their bracelets, pendants or rings. There might be no remains left of Viking cultures, people are still making Viking jewelry and love to wear them. The jewelry is fabulous and goes with anything you wear. Get yours now.

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