By Emily Walton

The Vaping Boom: We’ve all noticed the boom in vaping. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it felt like everyone was doing it. You can walk down the street and see numerous people using e-cigarettes, but now it’s not just in real life that you will see some serious vapers.

Vaping is constantly being introduced onto movies, TV shows and video games, so now you might be watching your favorite show and see some devices and skills you recognize.

Now obviously we know that there are different levels of vaping expertise; both in modification of vape kit and technique. From using an e-liquid vape pen starter kit, vaping a ‘phantom cigar’, to a turning a bag pipe into a personalized vaping device, these all display different levels of dedication.

Vaping on the screen: Looking through the characters that have been spotted vaping on screen, and analyzing their skills, it shows that e-cigarettes popping up in different films and tv shows can often be used to hint at different elements in the story, such as portraying the character as playing a cool role, like Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) in Dirty Grandpa, having some relaxing time to themselves like Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp) in The Tourist or trying to distress in a sticky situation as we see Clay (Evan Peters) do in The Lazarus Effect. And this is not to mention the great cinematic effect that vaping produces. All those vaping clouds produce some great opportunities for interesting shots, angles and lighting.

Only the most experienced of vapers would notice the subtle hints of vaping expertise being displayed through a character using a highly modified vape kit when watching their favorite shows. So Greyhaze have rated each character in the chosen film or tv show on the vape o’ meter and analyzed their kit.

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