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Daddy’s Home 2: Mel Gibson Looks Like The Perfect Fit For Dusty’s Dad

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There is something about pairing Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell that is comedy gold. The two have such great chemistry together on the big screen. The first film that immediately comes to mind involving the two is The Other Guys. Then back in 2015 the two joined forces again for Daddy’s Home.

As expected, the film was filled with laughs. Wahlberg played the very tough, rugged and masculine ex-husband Dusty. Meanwhile, Ferrell played the very corny, dorky and easy to make fun of step-dad Brad. It was a great combo for plenty of laughs. Add in Hannibal Buress’s Griff, and this writer was rolling on the floor with laughter multiple times.

Now, the sequel is set for a November 10th release this year. Yesterday we got our first glimpse of the second film, as the first trailer was released. You can watch said trailer below.

At the end of the first film, the two men were able to put aside their differences for the betterment of their family. As a result, instead of fighting with one another, the two became buddies. It appears that will carry over to the early going of this film.

But there seems like there could be trouble in paradise. When the holiday season comes rolling around, both men invite their father’s over. And those two men seem like mirror images of their sons when we first met them back in 2015. Brad’s dad will be played by Jon Lithgow, while Dusty’s father will be played by Mel Gibson.

And I have to say, from the few clips we were given here, it seems like Gibson was certainly the correct choice for this role.

For anyone to portray Dusty’s father, they need to give off that “badass” vibe. It’s hard to find an older actor more badass than Mel Gibson in a leather jacket. As he came down that escalator, he was simply dripping with attitude. Much like Wahlberg did in the first film.

Gibson knows a thing or two about portraying a character that can be described as cocky. One that is seen as a man’s man. You can tell this character will not take any crap from anyone. He will also view himself as superior, immediately looking down on Brad upon his arrival.

All of this simply helps give the feel that this man truly feels like Dusty’s father. It will give the film a more authentic feel to it.

When the news was announced, I had a pretty good feeling that Gibson would fit the part. But now that I have seen the first trailer, I am certainly convinced.

Now if only they would cast Jon Bernthal as Dusty’s brother!

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