The Dallas Cowboys are on the brink of creating another dynasty. If you asked any Dallas Cowboys fan before the season started, and you’d hear predictions of the final record being 4-12, 6-10, 8-8 and so on. The Cowboys are now 8-1. They are led by a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back.

No one saw this coming, not even Cowboys fans.

After Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, a team whose record does not define what kind of dangerous team they are, the Cowboys are in sole possession of the best record in the NFL. Football fans have sat up and taken notice of this team who was supposed to struggle.

After losing their starting quarterback in the preseason and then one of their best defensive linemen out for a four-game suspension to start the season, every fan who didn’t like the Cowboys were salivating. Cowboys fans were wondering how they were going to get through a long season.

Fast forward eight games into the season and just a step over the half-way point, the Dallas Cowboys can do no worse than 8-8 for the season. They won’t do that. This is a team built by tedious scouting, hardworking players and yes, even the “Jason Garrett process” is starting to show up.

It’s mind blowing to any NFL fan that the Dallas Cowboys, the fourth-worst team in the league in 2015, is now the top dog in the NFL. With the Patriots loss, the Cowboys have the best record in the entire NFL. This is something to sit up and take notice of.
The scary thing about this current team is the fact that these are all very young players who will be together for a while. This team can only get better as they mature.

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After watching the Cowboys for 8 games now, it is obvious that Dak Prescott may be the steal of the draft. His numbers keep getting better and his decision making is getting better each game. Zeke Elliott is doing the same getting better week after week. The scary thing is that both of these players are just in their first NFL season. Elliott was expected to do big things for the Cowboys which is why they went running back for the fourth overall pick. Prescott was not expected to do much except learn by sitting behind Tony Romo.

The Cowboys offensive line is locked up for the next couple of years as well with the exception of Doug Free and Ronald Leary. The offense, as a whole, should not have a significant change for at least the next 5-years.

The offense has taken the NFL by storm. Offensively, the Cowboys are ranked third overall. They are second with 1449 rushing yards lead by the league leading rusher Zeke Elliott. They are also ranked 17th in passing yards. They average 28.7 points per game which rank them fourth in the league. This offense is balling.

The defense is doing what they are supposed to do and will need to be shored up in order to continue to build. Rod Marinelli has his defense bending but not breaking and for the players, he does have, the defense isn’t doing too badly ranking eight in the league overall. Breaking down the defense Dallas has allowed 18.9 points per game which have them at eight in the league, they have allowed 743 rushing yards which is third in the league, 2368 passing yards which are 23rd in the league.

This Cowboys organization has set this team up for success. The salary cap fiasco is almost over, they are signing players to smart contracts and locking up the younger players for the long haul. It seems as if Dallas has remembered how to build teams from the draft for the future. This Cowboys team is on the brink of a dynasty, much to the chagrin of non-Cowboys fans.