The Dak Prescott contract is now the benchmark for young players at quarterback.  Fans criticize it as “overpriced”.  Media also tends to over analyze the deal – albeit somewhat rightfully so. But , whether we like it or not, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is now the bar that will be set for negotiations.

For the players, they can look at his deal and use the money as a starting point.  The management on the other hand, they’ll have to work around that. Management will also have to look at career accomplishments for each player when those contracts are up.  Beyond that, statistics could also come into play due to meeting expectations.

Realistically, Jackson and Allen could surpass Prescott’s career accomplishments in time. The future is hard to predict, but, what if the divisional round of the playoffs is all Dak can ever lead The Cowboys to? Conversely, what if Allen and Jackson find their own success? Crazy things can happen, and things can change over time.

Look at Lamar Jackson. Jackson is 24 years old and found his name in the record books many times. If you were to look up “youngest player to…” there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find his name. At 24, he has yet to reach his ceiling. Dak Prescott is by no means the best in the game. However, he is the best fit for the Dallas Cowboys right now.  And, his contract is the bar that will be set for negotiations.

Taking a look at Josh Allen, he has also had his name thrown into the mud.  However, he maybe slightly better than Prescott. The stat that can be used to prove this point is completion percentage.  Allen had a completion percentage of 69% last season. That is just the starting point.

So, once again, the Prescott contract will only serve as a starting point to negotiations for Allen and Jackson.  Unless the Dallas Cowboys win multiple Super Bowls in the time it take for the other contracts to run out, a starting point is all that big money contract will be.

To be honest, it’s not fair to compare any of the three players.  All three have had minor success with Jackson reaching milestones mentioned above.  It’s a different time now than what it’ll be when it’s time to negotiate Allen and Jackson’s new deals.

Was the Dak Prescott contract worth the money given? Time will tell.

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