Portable Mesh Nebulizer

Portable mesh nebulizer, a revolutionary product launched in the market facilitating the patients to inhale their medicines anytime, anywhere. Nebulizers have proved to be a viable solution for the delivery of high-value nebulized drugs. They benefit patients who have a busy lifestyle and cannot go to the doctor for their regular dose of medicine. Also, portable mesh nebulizers come handy for people who need to travel a lot as part of their jobs. Along with being energy efficient, a portable mesh nebulizer is highly convenient as compared to a jet nebulizer. Portable mesh nebulizers are small, portable, hand-held, and battery-operated which are convenient for people who need mobile nebulizing equipment.

Advantages of portable nebulizers

  1. The major advantage of a portable nebulizer is that it does not restrict your freedom to follow your routine schedule as you can carry it everywhere.
  2. Portable nebulizers use rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries hence do not need an electric outlet for power supply. They also come with car power adapters to be recharged in cars.
  3. They are compact and lightweight as compared to tabletop nebulizers. Therefore they can be carried around easily in a purse or a bag.
  4. A portable nebulizer hugely benefits patients suffering from severe asthma. Nebulizers deliver drugs directly into the lungs giving relief for a longer duration. Hence it is an effective choice for patients who leave their homes for work, other daily chores, and when they travel.
  5. The best nebulizer provides better relief than inhalers and has shown a positive improvement in the quality of life of the patients. Those with severe asthma or allergies witness better benefits compared to inhalers.
  6. Since portable mesh nebulizers are lightweight, they are ideal for infants and children to be carried around. Children do not have to be restrained to be inside their homes to take medicines. Thus, portable mesh nebulizers definitely improve the quality of life of children suffering from respiratory problems.
  7. Portable mesh nebulizers are designed to reduce the treatment time burden by delivering aerosol treatments within a few minutes.
  8. Its rechargeable battery can be used for a maximum of 2 hours. Hence, it requires to be charged once a week helping individuals to live a hassle-free life.
  9. Portable mesh nebulizers are commonly used to deliver every kind of commonly prescribed aerosol medication. This allows patients to simplify their treatment regimen making their day-to-day routines a little easier. 
  10. After the successful delivery of the medicine, the portable mesh nebulizer beeps audibly and automatically switches off. This lets patients know that their treatment is complete.
  11. Portable mesh nebulizers consistently produce fine mist particles to be inhaled easily along with prescribed medicines.


Having a right aerosol medication delivery device demands impaired dexterity, reduced muscular strength. Nebulizers are clinically proven to offer improved ease of use compared to other commercially available nebulizers by delivering fine aerosol mist into the lungs. Portable mesh nebulizers benefit individuals who have difficulty using aerosol delivery devices due to inefficient coordination. Being portable, quiet, compact, and handy, nebulizers ensures an efficient nebulizing process. A portable mesh nebulizer meets the needs and preferences of all the patients so that drug delivery is optimized hence improving the patient’s satisfaction.

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