Come on, Guys! It’s time to ‘up’ your game. The folks at Dickprint 100% believe that their masculine intimate-wear is precisely what you need to get that game started. Here’s something to ponder — on average, women spend nearly $500 per year on undergarments, lingerie, and sexy loungewear. What do men spend, you ask? Barely fifty bucks. Women dole out this cash to feel beautiful, comfortable, and sexy. Why aren’t men doing the same? Guys, here’s a little secret…women who go to the effort to look and feel great want a man who does the same. This is why Dickprint says — Change your underwear, and change your life.

Pamper yourself

Recently, Dickprint — a  top-end, masculine clothing brand — has reached new heights by hitting the pulse of what divides some men and women when it comes to fashion. Women, on average, are more inclined to pamper themselves by purchasing luxurious undergarments and loungewear. Dickprint feels men should follow their lead. The Dickprint brand pays close attention to developing premium high-quality underwear, swimwear, t-shirts, and loungewear so men can get that incredible feeling of when comfort and function produce jaw-dropping, sexy results.

Loungewear in time for the holidays

Speaking of sexy results, Dickprint is launching a new line of high-quality loungewear for men just in time for the holidays. Treat yourself, or someone you love to the lush feeling Dickprint comfort wear can provide. Dickprint loungewear is perfect for romantic nights by the fire or just having that cup of coffee in the morning. Whether it’s the personal comfort you enjoy or the way that someone special looks at you, Dickprint underwear and loungewear are worth every penny.

It’s all about that gentlemanly image

But you might still be thinking, “Can my choice in underwear and loungewear really make that big of a difference?” The answer is ‘yea’ when those products are so freaking fabulous they improve the way you feel about yourself and your overall image. The guys at Dickprint believe their products bring out your inner gentleman, and they believe this component is what makes their products so different.


What makes a gentleman? Dickprint believes a true gentleman holds respect and honor above all else. The key to being the sexiest possible you is applying those values to self-care of body and mind. A man who puts his need to look and feel great at the forefront cannot help but give off a suave, confident vibe. And honestly, part of achieving this confidence comes from what you wear on the outside and down there.


The guys at Dickprint say their company exists for three fundamental reasons:

  1. To create premium high-performance clothing for men
  2. To empower men to feel sexy and confident
  3. To inspire men to greatness through their own actions 


It’s this last purpose that brings us back to the concept of being a gentleman. “Be a gentleman. Have manners. Live an exciting, successful life.” The Dickprint guys make it all sound so simple. Well, that’s the idea. If doing something simple like caring enough about yourself to ‘change your underwear’ can redirect your entire perspective — do it! And if you care about someone enough you want them to feel the difference between cheap brands and quality, durable fabrics, give a Dickprint gift. Not sure what he’ll like? Gift cards are always the right size.

Final pitch

Guys, it’s time to dump the nasty sweatpants, stained t-shirts, and grampy underpants. Now is the time to upgrade your style because you owe it to yourself to put the best ‘you’ forward. Once you feel the Dickprint difference, you’ll understand why these products are a game-changer when it comes to your game. Wearing Dickprint underwear and loungewear is like getting a little hug right where you need it. You’ll never feel sorry about investing in you. Check out all Dickprint’s quality products on their website. With the holidays just around the corner, you can choose something unique and practical with a side-dish of sexy and provocative for yourself or someone you care about.

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