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You will be shocked to know that there are around 2.5 million wheelchair users in America today and this number is continuously increasing. With this growing number of wheelchair users, it has become essential for mobility equipment manufacturers to design different residential accessories to enhance independent living for wheelchair users. Here, we are going to list some of the best residential accessories for people who depend on wheelchairs for moving. All these accessories will in one way or another help improve the lifestyle of a wheelchair user. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the list of these residential accessories. 

List of the best residential accessories for wheelchair users 

If you are looking for some equipment or devices to help you live an independent life while you are dependent on a wheelchair, we are creating this list for you. 


  1. Reachers – The first thing that you need to get if you are a wheelchair user is the reachers. Every wheelchair user will agree that when you are dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, reaching objects that are beyond your limits can be quite dangerous. This, in fact, has become a common reason for wheelchair accidents. Reachers can help you avoid that. 
  2. Residential ramps – Next thing that should be on your shopping list is residential ramps. These are the pieces of equipment that help overcome all the thresholds like doorways, steps, etc, and make the life of a wheelchair user easier. So, if you are in a wheelchair, make sure that you invest in good residential ramps. 
  3. Hair washing basin – Washing hair can become a real challenge if you are in a wheelchair. This is where these portable hair washing basins can come in handy.  So, if you are looking for things that will make your life easier while you are stuck in a wheelchair, having a hair washing basin can prove really helpful. 
  4. Scooter Arm Tote – Another thing that you need to consider buying is the scooter arm tote. This is a perfect product for wheelchair users to carry their essentials along. This tote bag is designed to sit over the arm of a wheelchair which makes it convenient to carry supplies like a wallet, glasses, etc conveniently. 


Bottom Line 


These are some of the accessories that will help improve a lifestyle of a wheelchair user. So, if you are creating a shopping list for yourself or someone you know to make their life easier and more independent. All the products mentioned above have their own importance and role to play. There are several places where you can find these residential accessories for wheelchair users. One of these places is EZ Access. It is one of the most trusted places to buy all kinds of mobility equipment including residential accessories and ramps. So, do check out the collection of the finest mobility equipment and devices that will help you live life more independently. 

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