When we taste, we experience five tastes in our mouth and tongue: sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami. But there is far more to our eating experience than these flavors alone. Our noses can identify up to 10,000 aromas and this has a huge impact on our eating experience.

But perhaps you’re stuck in a food rut?

Here Grey Haze, a top vaping website, has used its knowledge of great flavors and our experience of tasting, to come up with the most unusual flavor combinations that actually taste amazing!

While the tongue can experience five flavors, the nose can experience many types of aroma including green, roasted, spicy, citrus and many more. The theory for combining unusual flavors is not to focus on combining similar tasting foods – sweet and sweet, salt and salt – but in combining foods with similar molecules.

For example, mushrooms and apricots are a weird flavor combination that works well – and would act as a great starter if you were wanting to try a weird but delicious meal. Try putting these two ingredients on polenta cake. The sweetness of the apricot will act as a glaze for the meaty tasting mushrooms, combining into a delicious starter.

Merging sweet and savory really works with many other flavors too.

Scallops and vanilla are another unexpected treat. Seared scallops with vanilla make a great main course for this adventurous meal. They are both delicate flavors, but the vanilla will add a twist to any traditional scallop dish.

If you want to impress with these weird flavor blends, check out the full menu in Grey Haze’s infographic. Try hula hoops and Nutella for a flavor that’s certain to please, go on, we dare you!

Do Me A Flavour! by Grey Haze.

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