The increasing number of people who pursue the music industry because of how lavish famous artists make it seem has convoluted it to a point where you cannot tell who is there because of genuine passion and who is there for the cash? Adam Derek Bennett Professionally known as Snazzy Phade is a prospering craftsman who had the option to explore his way through the unforgiving hardships of the music business since he grew up with veritable energy for music. He was born November 24, 1992 in Tulsa Oklahoma however spent a larger part of his life in Manteca, CA. He grew up extremely near the Bay Area culture and grew up studying Audio designing/Music creation at SAE Institute/Expressions College in Berkeley, CA which he graduated in 2016. He sought after this major on the grounds that even in his initial teen years he realized that he had a genuine enthusiasm for music and needed to turn into an effective craftsman. This enthusiasm for music followed him all through his school years and spurred him to graduate as class valedictorian with the highest GPA and the most hours signed in the class, he put in almost twofold the long stretches of every other person that joined in. His crazy hard-working attitude is the thing that puts him so far above different specialists, even the individuals who have effectively become showbiz royalty. 

The Snazzy Phade venture as of late started in 2018, yet he presently has more than 45 melodies out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, ect! He is a record artist and recording craftsman, he owns Phaded Records. He manages with his name and recording when he isn’t doing his independent sound designing. Adam is Pro tools 101 Certified and just uses the best quality module groups to blend and dominate for his customers. He got a lot of his motivation from the Bay Area music culture just as Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Mac Dre, e40, Too Short, and Hyphy Movement. Adam as an individual resembles a major wipe who is continually engrossing data about the music business and he is continually improving his abilities with the goal that he can utilize them to make shockingly better sounds, He does numerous things, for example, catching sound, controlling sound, blending live sound, show arrangements, recording craftsmen, utilizing million dollar sound control center, and substantially more. These abilities permit Adam to make the entirety of his Snazzy Phade music all alone and it improves the sound since he knows precisely which instrument to utilize.


Becoming an artist nowadays is extremely easy. Technically, anyone who has access to a phone and internet can begin recording music and upload it to streaming platforms then they are officially an “Artist”. This has made it extremely difficult for Adam since many prospective listeners do not even give him a chance since they do not know how genuinely talented he is. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to hear about Snazzy Phade, do yourself a favor and add him to your playlist!

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