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If you have the small size of the penis or if you have the penis erection problem then you must try penis pumps that are available in the market. There are lots of types of penis pumps are available in the market which is produced by different companies but before purchasing the pumps, collect much information as you can for pumps to make the most effective choice. As the name of the penis pump shows that it is a machine which is used to maintain the erection of the penis and works as the pump mechanism. A penis pump has three basic parts, a pump mechanism, a hollow cylinder and a tube that connect the cylinder to pump mechanism. There is a huge difference between the penis pump and vacuum pump, as the vacuum pump is clinically tested devices but the aim of the penis pump to increase the size of the penis and erection. But the question is that if the penis pump works or not? There is a number of peoples who are working about that question but most of them gave the answer that the penis pumps shows good result.

Penis Pump

Working of penis pump

The tube of the penis pump must be placed over the penis so efficiently and tightly, keep one thing in mind that the tube must be sealed tight, for this purpose you can use some type of lubricant oil. After that, you must create a vacuum there and then start the pumping with the help of hands or with the help of electricity. By drawing the air from the vacuum of the cylinder which helps to draw blood to the penis and cause an erection. The proper use of the penis pump gives you the erection at sex time but if there is little sexual stimulation then it is very difficult to maintain the erection, the erection can go away with short time. The prolonged use of the penis pump can help you to increase the size of the penis shortly. But the evidence shows that use of the penis pump and cock ring or penile ring will definitely help delay ejaculation. There are some peoples that use the penis pumps at other parts of the body like nipple, clitoris and another erogenous zone of the body. The working mechanism of the penis pumps remains the same as on the penis. But the designed and mechanism of the penis pump is so configured that it may only be useful for the penis and also shows good result just on the penis not any other part of the body.

Penis Pump Conclusions


There are verities of penis pumps are available in the market, you must select a penis pump that is safe for your penis because some types of the penis pump are so harmful to use and can make any damage to your penis. When we use the penis pump at any part of the body it causes to increase the flow of blood that place which is very helpful to increase the size and maintain the erection of the penis.

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  1. I realize this post is from last year, but for what it’s worth, here are a few perspectives of using a penis pump from a guys perspective. I’ve been using one the last couple of years with some good results without injuries. It’s important to not overdo it and to avoid applying too much pressure, so here’s my routine:

    First, use a high quality pump with a pressure gauge to reduce the risk of applying too much pressure and a pressure valve so you can quickly press the button to release the vacuum if too much pressure has been applied. This is important, and it’s much better spending somewhat more money on a quality pump even if you can buy a cheap one for £10. It’s your manhood, and this is really not a context in which it’s wise to try to save a couple of pounds! The rubber base should also be of a decent quality to avoid cracks and dryness after cleaning the pump. I also highly recommend a transparent cylinder so that you can see how your penis reacts to avoid injuries.

    1) Shave first, at least around the base of the penis so that the rubber end of the pump can be tighetened firmly (but comfortably) around your penis without leaking air when pressure is applied.

    2) Warm up first, have a really hot shower or heat up a handkerchief in warm water and roll it around your penis.

    3) The first month or two, use -low- pressure to get used to the sensation and to avoid injuries.

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