Have you ever heard a voice that gave you small bumps all over the skin, and felt like “chills” you get when sick with a cold? Well, they are not always due to sickness. Most of the time, they begin in the nervous system when it sends signals from the brain to the skin, in response to something powerful. A song maybe? Or a voice?’

When you feel intense and powerful emotions, the hypothalamus (a part of your brain) sends messages to the muscles in your skin to tighten up and your body hair stand. It is surely a beautiful natural phenomenon and is a result of powerful emotions like passion, despair, or fear. It depicts the intensity that a particular action has over your emotions and mind, and is translated into physical signals.

Such is the might of the voice of Dr. Sam Qurashi, a popular influencer and a poetic mind researcher who creates content for the mind, body, and soul. He is also a writer and a brilliant analyst of human behavior. He explores the mind by studying and interviewing experts that live beyond the frame of traditional psychology. Despite being a doctor of medicine, and a former psychiatric resident, he has a unique way of thinking and examining human emotions.

“I analyze to understand, deconstruct to recreate, learn to simplify and absorb to repurpose. I’m passionate about connecting the dots, making the intangible tangible, simplifying to clarify, and repurposing what I learn to be applied in a new way. I focus on studying language, behavior, verbal and nonverbal communication.”

Dr. Sam is a self-development content creator who aims to help people understand their emotions, learn to deal with them appropriately, and express them in a healthy manner. There is too much stress and emotional exhaustion in the modern world, and he is right onto the battlefield to fight all that. He uses his originally crafted quotes and thought-provoking videos to stimulate his followers and raise awareness.

His voice is one of the main reasons to earn him so much respect and following as it completely justifies his content. It is perfectly soothing and calming, which creates a bond of trust between him and the listener. His poetic use of words makes him stand out from other influencers and using his voice and words to create life-changing experiences for the audience is his ultimate strength.

So next time you are listening to the soothing and tranquilizing voice of Dr. Sam, just kick back, let goosebumps do their thing, and close your eyes for a life-changing experience! You can access the wisdom shared by Dr. Sam Qurashi by following him on Instagram; samqurashi



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