A team is only ever as good as its players, and the same can be said for a workplace. With happy, dedicated and motivated employees, a business can go from strength to strength, developing new innovations and forging new paths in the industry. The key question is how can bosses work to activate and unlock this productivity?

Thanks to projects which look to seek the opinions of workers, such as the employee engagement platform and regular feedback, we have some great tips to help workers feel motivated and boost their productivity while at work.

Make Employees Accountable

One of the biggest reasons why employees lose interest and motivation in their work is a lack of accountability. In many jobs, if something goes wrong, it is not their fault, and not their problem. This can result in sloppy work practices—there is nothing to lose and no consequences for messing up. By making your employees accountable, however, you are asking them to take a more active role in the business, providing a sense of ownership and responsibility for the performance of the company. This will cause them to think through ideas more carefully, minimizing errors and reducing the chance that they will come out of a situation looking bad, or facing adverse action.

Stop Micromanaging

Many employees cite micro-management as one of the things they most dislike about their workplaces. It creates a lack of trust between management and staff and suggests that you lack faith and confidence in their ability to carry out their jobs. This can result in resentment and frustration, ultimately leading to demotivated employees who will have no incentive to think creatively or flexibly. Remember that you hired these staff for a reason, so let them do their jobs.

Make Sure Equipment Is On Hand

With modern technology, many tasks which would have previously been the responsibility of employees can be automated, making the process faster and easier, and freeing up the employee to carry out more important tasks. It is essential, however, that the equipment is functional and straightforward to operate. A poorly performing machine will lead to frustration and wasted time and suggests that you do not value staff enough to make adequate investments in their equipment.

Reward Good Work

It may seem obvious, but it is surprising how many employers forget to reward and congratulate their staff on a job well done. Instead, the focus is on things which need to be improved and targets which need to be met. This can result in staff having low morale and motivation, as they do not see any positive benefits from the work they do. The reward does not have to be financial, though a raise is a great way to energize hardworking and dedicated employees. A simple thank you can be enough to lift the spirits of your staff, and a genuine recognition when they have achieved a particular goal or target. Reward the jobs well done, and your team will benefit.

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