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Being sturdy and solid, the mailer boxes are used to mail goods. These boxes work as a container for sending items through the mail. Besides, mailer boxes ensure the distinct personality of your brand. Ranging from Windows to the locking mechanism, custom box printers bring in many designs, styles, and dimensions.

Another important merit of custom boxes is that you can print logos and customize designs on them according to your taste. Doing this advertise your business without any additional expenses. In addition to this, these boxes are hard and durable. You can use them for a long period. Due to their ability, people use them for a variety of purposes such as showcasing products at stores and delivering them safely.

Advantages of Custom Printing Boxes

1: Pulling New Customers

With the increase in production, there are numerous brands in the market which makes competition harder. In this hardcore competition, only those products and brands excel that use unique and interesting marketing techniques. One of such techniques is using custom box printers. The captivating styles and designs of these boxes highlight the professionalism and unique identity. And the customers feel attracted to that product and cannot help but buy it.

2: Keen and Precise Margins

In addition to pulling customers, the edges and margins of custom boxes are keen and pointy. Owing to this, they meet the expectations of both the makers and the clients. The use of machinery goes a long way in making these edges sharp and keen.

3: Phenomenal Outer Surface

As far as the exterior and apparent look of custom box printing is concerned, it has an amazing and beautiful face. The smooth and enchanting surface of these boxes is ensured by the latest and special technology which is used for them.

4: Sturdy and Good-looking

As creative material includes in their ingredients, manufacturers laminate them to get the finished look. This is why cardboard boxes and custom box printers look like each other. However, both are different in their quality and exterior.

5: Simply Alluring

Printing complex graphics and getting the best appearance are two different things. The former is not necessary to get the latter. Rather, to get beautiful designs and styles, what you need are prints with logos and colorful stamps. Moreover, these boxes sustain the novelty of your product and keep it secure.

Various Types of Printing Boxes

If we talk about custom box printing on premium quality boxes, there are various types of printing methods. What type of printing you want to have on your box depends on your demands and goals. By keeping your demands in mind, you can choose any of the printing techniques:

1: Technique of Litho Laminating

Let’s start with the most high-quality printing method, litho laminating. Directly applied to the paper are photorealistic and high-resolution graphics.

2: Method of Digital Printing

The method of digital printing is money saving. To a corrugated box, a custom box printer with full-color prints is applied.

3: Flexographic Printing

For simple images, logos, and graphics, flexographic printing is perfect. Since it is the most common form of printing, it has only 1-3 colors on these boxes.

How Much Do You Pay for Custom Printing?

Expecting you are proposing to add just a one-color printing to a corrugated box, this will expand the cost by 10%. Moreover, this cost will copy consistently as you add additional tone. Yet an awesome quality of custom box printing that has litho covering on it will be the most expensive, it will add pennies to the dollar. That should put the cost in the setting.

When the Shipping Reaches You?

Expecting we talk about the time the custom printing takes, you will be dumbfounded to understand that it is typical for custom printing solicitations to contact you under five working days. Regardless, tangled and complicated orders could take extra time than five days. In any case, this is in like manner a reality that notwithstanding, you don’t hold on for a seriously prolonged period for your custom printing shipment. Among them, the most time taking task is to design artwork or logo looking into it. The rest is straightforward. 

Benefits of Custom Boxes with Logo for Companies 

Before going further, it is imperative to understand what the benefits of custom boxes with logos are for the companies. Why do they go for a custom box printer instead of plain and simple boxes? Let’s try to find out the answer to this question in the later section.

  • This helps customers identify your product with ease and comfort.
  • You can print important information and data on the boxes which helps a lot of the customers in knowing the product. 
  • Some additional information can also be printed on these boxes which communicates to the customers about the product. 
  • Owing to their unique style and design, the store owner finds it necessary to keep the product on the shelf for a long time. 
  • Your brand gets marketing every time a customer sees your product.

How Custom Boxes are Different from Other Boxes?

Material and manufacturing techniques are the main difference between custom boxes and other boxes. In addition to this, you can use custom box printers for decoration. What can be a better marketing strategy than custom boxes? Surely, nothing. The unique and interesting design of these boxes spread the professionalism of your brand to the customers.

Additionally, if you want to get more benefits from these boxes, you can make them more attractive and captivating by printing embellishments on the paper. It wraps the boxes. You can make the packaging of your products in these boxes. For instance, the packaging of electronic items and cosmetics. Besides that, the high-quality material of these boxes along with the enchanting design gives these boxes a satisfying look.

The usefulness of Custom Boxes 

The following point will tell how useful custom boxes are.

  • Commutation and transportation of the product 
  • Use as a gift 
  • Storage of the product before or after the transportation 
  • Purpose of retailing 

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